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CCA Tour of Italy 14-21st September 2019 (Tuscany / Dolomites)

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All - I’m in the process of organising a trip to Italy in September 2019 focused around Tuscany and the dolomites (North Eastern Italy).

Background to those where this is a completely new thread and haven’t heard anything about this.
In September 2019 (Saturday 14th to Saturday 21st) we’ll be using a 3rd cycle tour partner: ACT to assist in organising the trip.
They will effectively take your big bag and bike to the start of the tour and here you’ll be repatriated with your belongings. We’ll cycle for 6 days stopping along a predefined route and then at the end your bike and bag go back to the UK and we fly back with no luggage.

Number 1 priority dates, (September 14-09-2019 to the 21st)
Number 2 costs: £1100 (subject to numbers)
Number 3 route: Posted below
Number 4 group size: Max-15

The trip will take in:
Lake Garda
Madonna di Campiglio
And wait for it... Dello Stelvio (apparently weather dependant)
In from the East side. Sleep high up, onwards to the big climbs and then end coming out down past Lake Garda.
Fly out from the closest airport to approx 500miles under the belt in 6-days

Q/. Who is interested?
Please give initial names - of course first come first served basis.
This is not binding - just getting an idea.
Once I have costs the deposit will be £200.

Any questions / comments please post or email:


Thanks Gents, intersted parties now include:
1. MC
2. Skelders
3. GG
4. Carmelo
5. Steve_J
6. Andy_R
7. JD
8. Martin H
9. John D
10. Vince
11. Phil K
12. Pauls
13. Strappy
14. Stef
15. Paul B

Note that I have discussed increasing group size to 15 to get Strappy / Stef / Paul B a ride.


  • Also - I need a bit of a hand with this one and the route.
    Any takers to meet up and chat through an idea?
    I have a plan... if you know Italy great.
    If you know the Dolomites even better.

  • already flagged my interest especially after missing Pyrenees. Please don't clash with the worlds in Sept 2019 in Yorkshire. See my other thread on this. End of Sept 25 onwards.
  • Most definitely in!
  • Can I suggest Sept. 6th to 13th or 13th to 20th Mark. That would leave some recovery time before the worlds in late September for anyone wanting to come up and cycle to watch the different days of racing at the world championships.
    As always I would welcome to our farm anyone who wanted to ride some big climbs up here in training for this tour. Happy to host weekends and will set courses which will gradually increase in climbing and distance as we approach the ride date. Probably start in mid April and plan for one each month Friday to Sunday inclusive.
  • Hi Geoff - good call. Noted on the dates. My preference would have been earlier rather than later Sept so this works well.

    PS Vince will lend an ear / hand for the maps but will meet in a pub in Ashwell next week (3-Tuns having another refit so is closed) to sound out my idea.

    I have also scheduled a meeting with ACT the following week to move the plan forward working on dates / budget-costs / max numbers etc.

  • Hi Mark,

    Add my name to the list of interested parties.
  • I'm interested too MC
  • MCMC
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    Master list of people moved above
  • Definitely In MC
  • hi MC,

    Interested, need to avoid Ryanair only airports!
  • We have outlined a route and a draft is here:
    Day 0 (Saturday) - Fly into PISA (BA, EasyJet, RyanAir, AirItalia)
    Day 1 (Sunday) - Lucca to Salsamorggiore
    Day 2 (Monday) - Salsamorggiore to Bergamo
    Day 3 (Tuesday) - Bergamo to Ponte Di Legno
    Day 4 (Wednesday) - Ponte Di Legno to Merano (via Stelvio Pass)
    Day 5 (Thursday) - Merano to Madonna Di Campiglio
    Day 6 (Friday) - Madonna Di Campiglio to Sirmone (via Riva)
    Day 7 (Saturday) - Verona fly out (KLM, EasyJet, RyanAir, AirItalia)

    I'll add the mileages etc as the next steps. Note: Everyone of these days above are below 100miles as there are "lumpy" days in there ;-) Biggest day ~90miles

  • Hi MC, I am interested.
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    Wow. Interesting. Have done a quick map looksee. Just a sighter and I will remove this as soon as you put the official routes and distances/climbing up Mark.
    Day 1 .... 102 miles 8600ft
    Day 2.....74 miles 1300ft
    Day 3 ..... 71 miles 5100ft
    Day 4 ..... 95 miles 12,200ft
    Day 5 ..... 53 miles 9280ft
    Day 6 ..... 83 miles 5460ft

    480 miles 42000ft of some hard climbs. Should be fun.
    Looking forward to seeing the proposed routes and real mileages and climbing. Day 1 very hard but day 2 is a dream recovery. Should be fun.
  • Awesome route that! Can an evening in Bergamo's Alta Citta be fitted in? One of my favourite parts of Europe ;-)
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    Definitely interested, sounds awesome. First weekend in September would suit me better (I.e returning 6th or 7th).
  • Could you add me to the list please MC
  • Wow, what a trip. Too tough for me as not fit enough for the hills, will be ready year after! Look forward to following the trip.
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    I'm in if it's within the first two weeks of September
  • Hi MC, please add me to the list although i can't do the 6th but fine with the 13th or 20th
  • MCMC
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    All names updated on the list above.
    Watch this space tomorrow evening by about 10 as the dates will be going up ;-)
    If everybody can go according to the dates above then we have the first 12 interested parties.
    Another thing I will do is confirm max party numbers - ;-)
    Next step after that is to get the deposit in. Again i’ll Let you know how much and how to put the deposit down.

  • MCMC
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    The route is on as above, book your diaries gentlemen:
    Target: 6-days cycling with no single day >100m
    14-21st of September are the dates
    Cost ~£1100 / deposit £200 payable by December 18th
    Group number: 12, reserves taken after this
    ACT organiser: Ray and Wife will take this one ;-)
    Payment will be via email/Paypal.

    Boom it’s on. Time to make a plan for training...
    The route will be driven prior to us cycling it.
    Garmen routes will be available to all riders for each day. This will be an incredible ride. This really is the big one...

  • Awesome! Well done MC :D in diary!
  • Also - let me know who can’t do the dates etc.
    Andrew R can’t so Pauls you have a ride now as your were number 13 - now number 12.

  • That works for me ;-)
  • i'm happy with this Mark. Looking forward to seeing the finalised routes and stats.
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    Cheers Mark, that dates perfect. Now i've got my Goal for 2019 !
  • As mentioned Mark, if poss, wd like to stay the Saturday night as well... be a shame not to take advantage of a day in Italy 'pain free' ;-) like we did in Nice.

    A wander round that castle and eat a mountain of pasta.... washed down with a delicious red :-p
  • I'm in agreement with Tim. Stay on 1 night for me also mark.
  • I'm happy with Saturday night in Verona as it's a great city.
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