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New kit order - PAYMENT PLEASE

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Here's a list of current kit that's in stock and available now, PM if you want anything.

See below about the NEW KIT ORDER going in on the end of August 2019.

• Bib shorts £67 size 2 x 2, 3 x 0 4 x 4, 5 x 4 & 6 x 3
• Anniversary jerseys, (Must be 1st claim member) £25 or £50 if you already have one but want a second, size 6 x 2, size 2 x 1.

• Race suit s/s L x 1 £75
• Club Jersey S x 1 £51.35

• Premium Bib short S x 1 £68 (New leg gripper design with a blue band) XXL x 2 £58 (Previous design reduced price).
• L/S jersey XL x 1 £48.50
• Club jersey S x 3, L x 2 (new arm gripper design) £48
• L/S Skin suit XL x 1 £70
• Roubaix Jersey S x 5. £57.50

• Bibshorts S x 1, XXL x 1 £53
• Shorts S x 1 £39
• Gilet S x 1, £45

• Skinsuit L x 2 £68
• Racesuit S x 1, L x 1 £74.50

• Endura Leg Warmers S/M x 4, L/XL x 1 £22
• TMG Leg warmers S x 1, L x 1 £23
• Endura arm warmers M/L x 1 £19
• Snoods 1 size x 1 £11
• Caps L/XL x 4 £12.50
• Mudguards x 4 £16


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    **** NEW KIT ORDER (end of AUG 2019) ****

    I'm planning on placing a new kit order by the end of August with an expected delivery of mid October. If you need any new kit then please take a look at the links below and then post on here detailing what items you want and the size needed, there's no MoQ as in previous years so if you want that super-slick skin-suit or an arctic proof jacket you don't need to find another 9 like-minded people.

    This will be the final order for this year so if you need any winter kit now is the time to start thinking about it. Send me a PM if you have any questions but make sure orders are listed here to prevent me from missing them.

    Size guide


    I will confirm costs and collect payment before placing the order.
  • Hi Dan, I'm interested in bib-shorts. Size 3+, please.
  • Hi Dan. Are we restricted on what items we can order? The product link just shows a handful of items, where there is a lot available when browsing the site. Such as bib longs, gilet, arm warms, hats etc.
  • Hi Graham, good question, there are no restrictions on what we can order but the following items do have a larger MoQ: Mitts, gloves, arm & leg warmers, overshoes, skullcaps, socks.
    Everything else is has a MoQ of 1.
  • Hi Dan - do you know a rough price for the TT skinsuit?
  • Hi Chris. I found Herts Wheelers have Kalas, there are some prices on the link below. I assume the prices will be the same if not similar.
  • Reminder to place your orders, this will be the last chance to get new kit for this year, next order wont be placed until end of Feb
  • The sonic skinsuits are 238.80 each, potential for a 5% discount depending the final order value
    @""Steve M" , I've sent you a PM with a link to jackets
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    Hi Dan. Could i order: (price dependant) 1x in size 4.
    Gilet PRO 01 | W&W STRATOS- Code: N50111-MN01

    If you do an order in February, Ill order the Skinsuit then.
  • As with Graham, I'll order a skin suit in February's order.
  • Mission Flow Gilet pls size 4 pls
  • Hey Dan,

    Is the below product available?

    I don't see it on the link above about products but it is on other parts of the website.


  • It should be, heres a link to everything we can get...
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    Al, just to confirm it is available, £125.40
  • Cheers Dan,

    I'll order the Skinsuit L/S ELITE 38 | Lycra Power in size 4+ cheers

  • Hi Dan
    Depending on cost, I'm interested in
    a. Razor s/s jersey n50076-MS70
    b. Goffrato bibs n61065-MA13
    c. Brios-Goffrato s/s skinsuit n50519-MA09
    I would like to try something on for size. I wonder if 2 is right. I can't close the neck on a 1+ jersey.
    Thanks for all the effort you put in on this. Much appreciated.
  • Hi Dan
    could i order two pairs of verano flex shorts, one in size 3 one in size 4.
    thanks and thanks for sorting this all out.
  • Hi Dan,
    Pleas can I have a Brios-Goffrato s/s skinsuit n50519-MA09 - size 3+
    Dave W.
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    Will the club be stocking any of the good skinsuits (brios goffrato) to try on for sizing?
  • Hi Nat, I have skinsuit samples but will be sending these back soon, let me know when you are around if you want to try for size. Theres no plan to stock any items other than bib shorts and jerseys, other items will need to be ordered, there will be two orders placed each year, roughly early Sept and early March
  • Dan pm'd - thanks very much!!
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    Hi Dan,

    As I'm unsure of cost, the products I'm interested in are:

    1. Gilet PRO 01 | W&W STRATOS- Code: N50111-MN01 (size 4)
    2. Jersey PRO 74 | Carbon X7 - Code: N51075-MS73 (size 4)
    3. Cap - Code: N70114-UF01

    Is there a way of finding out costs before conformation of order?

  • Hi Taff, sure, I'll price everything up before placing the order, check back here next week
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    Hi Dan, could I possibly have (dependent on price):

    1 x Winterflow jacket N50249-ML06 in a 3
    1 x Elite cycling tights N60266-MA25 (endurance pad) also in a 3

    I would be up for a cap if we have enough to make the MoQ and would be interested in some arm warmers as well, although they could wait till the next order.

    Thanks again Dan, kit is a huge pain in the backside. You need some sort of Kalas special order kit man backside protection... if only they did a pad big enough to solve that pain...
  • Hi Dan, my skinsuit is on its last legs so can i get a Sonic in 4+ please? Cheers
  • @Dan Hall got any caps around that I can pick up tonight?

  • 4 in stock, I think Will and Taff want one as I wont meet the moq for new caps just yet.

    Fine to collect tonight
  • @Nathaniel Rosa did you get my pm?
  • Dan, could you leave one in the same place as last time and I will scoop up ;-)
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