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Sunday 5th January Winter Club Run @ 9:30am 3-Tuns Ashwell

Post Christmas - post new year 40miler.
Plan to do the classic CCA club run... probably slowly considering not much cycling this holiday season.

See you over there on Sunday

Anyone interested please post up.



  • Will plan to be over mc. Happy new year to all.
  • Yep planning to be there. Need to get back in shape and riding more :)
  • Will aim to join u
  • Woburn an option mc ?
  • MC, do u have a route in mind? Might determine if I ride or drive over
  • Let’s put Woburn medio on the menu - it’s mid 40’s

  • Nice cafe stop too and breeze behind us coming back 😉
  • will prob go out solo now
  • 5 out for a dash over to "nearly" Woburn......quite a few "Road Closed" signs...that we ignored,,,,early darts from Alister, MC, Andy R...and a pleasant tail wind to get me and keith to Langford watertower…..48 miles avg 18.5mph....breezy...
  • Thanks for the wheel today Phil. I was not bright eyed and bushy tail today 😁
  • Good one - needed that...
    Racing next Sunday so see you the week after ladies and gents

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