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***CCA Primaveras April 5th, 2020***

Hello all,

After last years immensely successful racing, the club will be hosting two races again on Sunday 5th of April, 2020. We will be running a men’s regional B (50 miles, cat 3/4 only) at 9am and a women’s regional a (50 miles, cat 2/3/4 only) at 12.30pm. Both races are part of the Eastern Road Race League.

It will be on the same circuit as last year (around Elmdon) and I will need a similar amount of volunteers. Everybody that helped out last year had a great time, it was a fantastic atmosphere and a lovely day for it! I’ll post a list up of positions needing to be filled by club members under this post so you can keep tabs on it and see who’s doing what.

Please come and help support the club at the races, there will hopefully be free coffee too! I’m just in the process of organising everything at the moment but am planning on making it the same format as it was last year.

Any questions, please ask! Otherwise, make a note of the date and if you’re free and about, come and lend a hand when you can. If you can help for both races that would be amazing, but I appreciate that it’s a full on day (8am-3ish for most volunteers) so if you can just make one, or to help early doors before everything kicks off or even just to help clean up after everybody’s gone it’s always appreciated.

Happy new year!



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    Volunteer posts needing to be filled:

    Driver for chief comm:
    Richard M
    Driver for assist comm:
    Peter D
    Lead car 1:
    Dave H and Dan H
    Lead car 2:

    Service car:

    Chief Judge:
    Mark W
    Assistant Judge:

    Red flag marshal:
    Ed N

    Licences/Signing on:
    Will S
    Licences/Signing on:
    Lillie S
    Licenses/Signing on:

    1 Signs:
    Martin H
    2 Signs:
    Lillie S
    3 Signs:

    4 Signs:

    1 Sandwich making/setting up hall:
    Will S
    2 Sandwich making/setting up hall:
    Martin H
    3 Sandwich Making/setting up hall:
    Stevie W
    4 Sandwich Making/setting up hall:
  • Will , I should be able to 'persuade' Richard to drive for me in both races

  • Wonderful. Will be good to have Richard there, as ever anyway!

    On another note, unfortunately this year Great Chishill village hall is booked up, so we can’t use that for the race. Does anybody have any suggestions for good sized village halls/venues near there that we could look into hiring for the day (7am-3/4pm). They need to be within a couple of miles of Elmdon, really.

    So far I’m going to have a look at Chrishall village hall, have spoken to Fowlmere village hall and will be trying Great Chesterfield Community centre next...

    Any ideas gratefully received!

  • Hi Will, I have put the date in my diary, should be able to help all day.
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    Cheers Martin! I’ll stick you down to help with signs and a bit of sandwich making/HQ stuff unless you fancy a bit of driving?
  • Arkesden Village Hall?.. This was the HQ for Mark Fraser's hill climb end of last year. Might be a bit far?
  • Unfortunately Arkesden village hall has almost no parking of its own. We had some special arrangements for parking space in the village for the hill climb which wouldn't be possible for the Primavera I'm afraid.

    Mark F
  • HQ... Langley Community Centre - looks a couple of miles from the circuit? To book: 01799 550969. People could park on the off-road lane nearby? https://goo.gl/maps/x9gBv29ph3XNFruu8

    Or Chrishall school nearby. They'd probably like a bit of cash.
  • I think Langley community centre looks like a rather small shed... it needs to be a bit bigger. I did think of the school, and will contact them tomorrow during school hours. Problem with having an HQ on the circuit that might not have parking for everybody means overspill on to the actual circuit, which is the last thing we need. Will have a chat with them tomorrow and find out the deal!
  • @wilburtrump
    Put me down Will to do all the assistance with the printing again Will.
    This year also send the original docs nto just the PDFs so I can make it easier printing them all out.

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