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Entrants for Wednesday 5th August Evening 10TT - Last entry via Forum post 16:00 on the Day

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Please post here if you wish to ride. There will be NO entrants who turn up on spec. This is to reduce the "contact time" at sign on.

Entry fees: £5 for 2nd claim CCA members; £4 for 1st claim CCA members/CCA Juniors/Youth; £3 1st claim CCA member Juniors/Youth. To avoid handling cash, entry fees will be cashless and paid in advance. Please pay the entry fee directly to the CCA bank account (details available on request if you don’t already have them) to cover CTT insurance.


  • In and paid - payment ref: Askew TT 3rd Aug
  • Yes please Andy, fantastic these are back on. To clarify, is it £4 for 1st Claim Adults and £3 for 1st claim juniors?
  • Hi Chris, Yes. I’ll tweak that to clarify.
  • I wish to ride the 5th Wednesday August TT. Paid £4.00. David Marriage
  • Thanks Andy for all your work to get this up and running. I'd like to ride on 5th August please. (And happy to marshall the following week).
  • Please put me down for 03/08/20
  • Please put me down for all four .
  • Jackie would like to ride this one please
  • I'm still keeping an eye on my right knee, so happy to marshall/timekeep etc. for 5th of Aug.
  • Im happy to marshall too.
  • Please could Ellie Mitchinson ride 5th August? If it's ok as she's 13 I'll ride directly behind her as a chaperone? will pay fee after I've been for a quick spin
  • Mark (my son) who is a 2nd claim would like to ride on 5th. Can someone please send me the bank details. Thanks. Steve.
  • All
    Bank details: Cycle Club Ashwell, Acc no: 20382167, Sort code: 20-41-12

    Andy, i've paid 8 quid for a couple of races, will marshal at least one of the others :+1:
  • Andy.....would love to ride. can I have bank details pls
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    Ethan Storti 2nd Claim Youth rider for Aug 5th please Andy. Thanks.
  • Can you add me for the 5th August please. Will pay shortly using bank details supplied above. Thanks
  • Hi Andy & Co, thanks for all your efforts to put this back on - can you put me down for this week please? I'll take a look at the diary about which week to marshall... Cheers, Dave.
  • Can you add Trevor Lunnon for Wednesday, he's joined CC Ashwell but can't post on the forum yet. Thanks.
  • I'll be there for the 5th August. Thanks
  • juts to confirm, I'm in for the TT on the 5th and have paid. Thanks.
  • All paid up to date (£16)
  • I'm in for 5 Aug
  • Hi Andy, I'd like to ride this Wed. Will send payment with ref CLynch 5 Aug. Thanks
  • Andy - I've sent an e-mail asking for a sneaky 2nd Claim ride if possible, but obviously happy to step aside if you get a full house of 'proper' members.
  • Hi All and thanks very much for posting interest and paying your dues.

    Thanks also to Toma and Steve for offering to help out.

    Particular thanks to Stuart F who has offered to organise for the 3rd and 4th weeks while I'm away. OK, so here's the link to the initial start list. If you can't open it, please shout.

    I think I've got everyone. If not, let me know asap. If anyone has any particular issues with their start times, let me know and I'll see what we can do.

    Just a few bits of housekeeping.
    1) As it's been a while since we've all raced, just to remind you, our risk assessment for this course still requires that the rider unclip and stop to be able to put a footdown on the corner of the Toll Bar entry onto the B1042 Lower Road;

    2) A new CTT rule (Regulation 14) requires that every rider has a working rear red light at the off. This can be flashing or steady, but NO LIGHT, NO RIDE.

    3) Please sign on and pick up your race number from the start where Stuart's vehicle will be parked, just beyond Guilden on the road out to Wrestlingworth. PLEASE TRY TO REMEMBER A PEN FOR SIGN ON AND IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN PINS, SO MUCH THE BETTER. In any event, we will have hygiene sprays etc. available to ensure cleanliness in the "pin pot".

    4) The Guilden Morden Village Hall will NOT be open. However, there will be a signposted washing up bowl by the front door to put your used race numbers back in. We'll clean them up in Milton for the next use. Thank you.
    We will have a (very) short series of the usual competitions, i.e. Fastest Lady, Fastest Gentleman, Fastest Junior and Fastest Vet off Standard (minimum qualification requires one ride on each of the Footdown 10; and new Wrestlingworth courses); and the Handicap points total over the 4 races (I'll do a proper Handicap on your first ride of the Wrestlingworth course based on last year's fastest times).

    If you have any questions, please shout.

  • Remember everyone, bring a light!!! (This is as much a reminder to myself as anyone else- a recurring issue...). We'll try and dig out a spare just in case...🤞
  • Andy. What are the race number dimensions, esp #10? (Asking as pre-positioning own safety pins on a race suit as no assisted number pining allowed and no changing room privacy). Could be an event in itself. David
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