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Alp Duez - Zwift {MC}

Anybody fancies an Alp Duez spin tonight I'll be on the mountain at 7:30pm ;-).
I'll do the route that starts off in the Jungle.



  • Need a rest tonight MC, but thanks
  • Interesting folks doing the Alp Duez and the Vent Toux rides after each other.
    Vent Toux is for sure considerably harder.
    68mins for me on the Alp last night, 2hours 3 mins on Vent Toux.
    Target to get it back to about 1h 45m...

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    I have set my self a challenge for the Alpe Du Zwift. Currently have done it in 52.15 but want to get under 50min. Worked it out that i need to climb up it at just under 4w/kg to get under the 50min time. Currently doing 3x15min @4w/kg as preparation. Bit of fun but helps with motivation lol
    Mont Ventoux I did in 1:21:09 but will leave that challenge for a while lol
  • Set new PR up Ventoux today 1:20:30. That last 5km is never ending!
  • Strong times there Ben!
    I would like to break the hour on the Alp and go under 2h for sure on Ventoux. That's a strong time though 1h21 on your side ;-)

  • nicely done beny!
  • Bringing to top, experimenting with bikes going up Alp D'uez, I can't seem to see any discernable difference between a light weight climber and a TT bike going up hill. Does anybody else have the same experience?
  • Something like the Trek Emonda or Specialized Tarmac Pro are notably faster..wheelset makes a difference too.. Zwift Insider have speed charts for AdZ climbs - worth a look
  • On the ADZ, i have found that the Cannondale Evo frame with Lightweight Meilenstein wheels have given me my best times with whats available to me at level 31. ADZ im down to 47.50. Ventoux im giving another go on thursday all being well.
  • Great ride. Knock off another 10 mins And you have Pantanis time.
  • Wow - fast there Beny.
    Nice time.

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