Club Zwift Mondays!

Alp Duez - Zwift {MC}

Anybody fancies an Alp Duez spin tonight I'll be on the mountain at 7:30pm ;-).
I'll do the route that starts off in the Jungle.



  • Need a rest tonight MC, but thanks
  • Interesting folks doing the Alp Duez and the Vent Toux rides after each other.
    Vent Toux is for sure considerably harder.
    68mins for me on the Alp last night, 2hours 3 mins on Vent Toux.
    Target to get it back to about 1h 45m...

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    I have set my self a challenge for the Alpe Du Zwift. Currently have done it in 52.15 but want to get under 50min. Worked it out that i need to climb up it at just under 4w/kg to get under the 50min time. Currently doing 3x15min @4w/kg as preparation. Bit of fun but helps with motivation lol
    Mont Ventoux I did in 1:21:09 but will leave that challenge for a while lol
  • Set new PR up Ventoux today 1:20:30. That last 5km is never ending!
  • Strong times there Ben!
    I would like to break the hour on the Alp and go under 2h for sure on Ventoux. That's a strong time though 1h21 on your side ;-)

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