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Sunday 11th April CCA Club Run @ 09:00 - get back into Cycling

I personally haven't done much cycling and certainly no longer distance rides over 40 miles for more than a year. So I am going to stress the word club run here... but I am really looking forward to getting back into the club run rides. I've done a bit of Zwift and a bit of Fixie but it's going to take a while to build back up. If you want to go faster no problem, then this ride is not for you. I am hovering around 15mph avg. speed.

My aim is to kick off proceedings on the 11th April / 9am.

I'll be meeting up at the usual place in Ashwell which is the 3-Tuns pub. My plan is to segregate into groups of 6 riders. (Until the next relaxation of the rules). Once we have the first 6 riders they go off, next 6 after that. Assuming we have more than 6 ;-)

If the rules change, then I'll repost / update. ;-).. There may be more info after 29th March / 12th April...

Guidance taken from the link:
In summary:


The government’s roadmap out of lockdown document sets out proposed relaxations to restrictions in England on or after 29 March. These include allowing groups of up to six people, or two households, to meet outdoors.

The roadmap also indicates (para 102) that organised sports can restart, which will not be subject to the rule of six gathering limit, but should be compliant with guidance issued by national governing bodies.

We will update our advice in the week commencing 22 March to confirm whether the proposed changes are coming into effect on 29 March or at a later date; however, subject to date confirmation, Cycling UK’s advice is that group rides of up to six people (or two families) can restart in England on 29 March.

The organised sports exemption would also appear to permit larger group rides; however, Cycling UK awaits further guidance from both the Department for Culture Media and Sport and Sport England, which we expect to receive on or shortly after 22 March. Once that guidance has been received, Cycling UK will clarify its advice on group rides of more than six people under the organised sports exemption"



  • Just to gauge spirit - who's intersted in joining?
    Is anybody else in the camp of not much cycling been done over COVID lockdown ;-)

  • mc

    i have been out a fair bit but same as you just stayed local doing between 30 - 40
    so need to get back into it get some miles in and loose some weight . just had my jab on wednesday so ready to go. just post on forum and i will be there.


  • Good to hear from you strappy ;-) Will do.
    Indeed I too need to lose a few pounds!

  • will this new cycling thing help me with my chronic alcoholism ? .

    because thats all i have been doing ALL YEAR. lol
  • I'm in the same boat as MC and strappy and am in terrible shape and put on a lot of weight. So I'm up for this as I need to start getting out for longer rides and getting the mileage in!
  • Sounds like it's going to be an Ashwell Sumo Wrestling meet up....! After doing no club rides last year, i'm super keen to get out with you guys again. Rollers 3/4 times a week since mid January, so ticking over but really missing regular road rides. If everyone's in bad shape they'll be bigger gaps than 2m between us all. See you all soon.
  • Paul - I'll Insert pic of a fat lad at the back here lol!

  • I'm going to use this as my target. I've hardly ridden due to a herniated disc that I'm recovering from. Hoping things to improve soon.
  • I am in the same boat. Did some cycling last summer and mostly Smart Trainer over the winter, so no miles on the road recently. Would love to join to start getting some miles at a reasonable pace.
  • Hi John - lets get the show back on the road :-)

  • Will try to join also. Now the cyclo criss season is over!!!!!!
    But 11april is our cyclo criss champs at the ashwell grass track field. Enter for a laugh or come and spectate. There will be some hotly contested lower places.
  • Im fairly sure we can't have spectators Vince
  • Maybe Vince meant Marshall’s!
  • Bringing back to the top ;-)
    I'll be out and will have a classic CCA loop in mind... Not too far mind on the first run out. Aiming for 35m ish.

    ##Remember the social distancing all when we meet. ##

  • Hopefully see you there MC.
  • Good ride this morning if a little cold for April! Planned for 38m and we did 39m. Went over to spokes to grab a great coffee then came back via Knebworth, Walkern and then slip end. 7 out but thanks for the other guys pm’ing me to let me know you weren’t able to make it today.

    See you next week, with the right shoes ;-)

  • Great ride today. Thank. David
  • Cheers MC. Did over 50 all in which was a shock to my system after previous Zwift efforts!

    Need a physio. Back still not right and severe pain on way home. If anyone has any recommendations, PM me.
  • Good ride and good to be back out on a club ride. I clocked in at 55 miles in total including the ride over and back from Ashwell. Cold and windy as well!
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