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Sunday 18th April CCA Club Run @ 09:00 - get back into Cycling

Ladies and gents - club run running @ 9am at the 3-Tuns.
We will be going out to Steppingly (I think that's how you spell it) and back. Out in a Westerly direction via Langford.
Again late 30's ish in mileage.

@strappy Do you want to meet us over at Langford roundabout? I'll message you too.

See you in Ashwell on Sunday.



  • Also if you get a mo, let me know here if you are going if you can so I know who/how many to expect. ;-)
    ...sometimes people run late but if I know you are coming we can wait for you ;-)

  • I'll be out again, trying to get back into shape!
  • Can't make it this Sunday MC.. enjoy
  • I will be there.
  • @mattss Good luck on your move Matt ;-)

  • All moved now, just indulging in 4 wheels rather than 2 on Sunday!!
  • Mc.

    yes i will be in the usual place , and yes i have double check the date this time lol.


  • Good man strappy ;-)
    See you Sunday

  • I’m joining but may go a bit further.
    Marrin H is doing a very long one and I think he may start out on similar route so may be a couple of groups out
  • Last minute change of plan. Family thing to sort out but Vince stepped in - thanks Vince. Apologies but back to normal next week.
    I’ll plan a route and post up :-)

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