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Sunday 25th April Club Run 9:00am 3-Tuns

Hi all,
On for Sunday - I’ll be planning a 40m circuit / Ashwell to Ashwell via Whitwell, Walkern route.
Thanks again for Vince covering the reigns last Sunday. Last minute family thing on my side I couldn’t move. ;-)

Post up to let me know who is in :-)



  • I’m in!
  • i will be there m.c.
  • I'm in too. I'll bring food this week. David
  • Going to try make it
  • Good spin out, if a little cold again!
    Leggings and arm warmers and winter gloves this time in April...
    That said clear, dry and sunny day.

    Stopped for a quick chat and a coffee at spokes and then spun home.

  • cheers m.c.
    Nice spin out, shame it was so cold , felt that in the legs this morning . finished on 55 miles @ 17.7 remind me next week i owe you a coffee thx

  • No worries mate on the brew... snap with the legs.
    Post lockdown it will take us a bit to get back into the swing of it all!

  • Thank you for dragging me around. Enjoyed it. 50 miles at 16.7. It felt faster but......
  • MCMC
    edited April 27
    Next week I'll plan a ride out East. ;-)
    Wait for the post and I'll put a route up.

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