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Sunday 2nd May CCA Club Run @ 09:00 - get back into Cycling

Good morning all,
Meet at 3-tuns Ashwell. Weather looking good at this point.
9 degrees @ 10am, clear and, Westerly 4mph / UV quite high.

Route: makes sense to go West...
So the 3 obvious routes out are Woburn short, medium or long. (Long we get a good coffee stop @ Woburn btw). If we do this we will clearly split the ride into 2 halves and stop in the middle. Refresh and then do the latter half.
I'll look at the distances and make a shout prior to the ride.

Westerly alternatives: Ayot / Reverse Hertford...;-)



  • M.C.

    woburn long sounds good to me but not fussed, nice and lumpy ,

    just post when sorted if woburn i will me you @ bottom of langford hill .

  • Will do Strappy. ;-)

  • Sorry, working this Sunday. Have fun.
  • What rough distance are short, medium and long, please? (I'll struggle over 50 miles).
  • Should be there
  • Over to Woburn ladies and gents in the morning.
    We’ll stop for a coffee at Woburn crossroads.

    Coming through Langford on the morn strppay
  • Distance is 55m but broken into 2 parts with a good length break djmarriage:-)
  • Cheers all see you about 9.15 ish
  • Good spin over to Woburn.
    Warmish in the sun but cold coming on home when the sun went behind the clouds.
    I think the other coffee shop further up the road is a touch better on coffee so we’ll give that a try next time...

    See you all next Sunday.

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