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Hi prospective new riders!

Today club runs are back on in CCA. This is a recent change and we have been on lockdown for what seems like a very long time! For the club runs you have a choice of days & rides, they are:
Wednesday 09:30 (dependant on numbers watch this forum)
Saturday 08:00 (Medio Ride / dependant on numbers watch this forum)
Saturday 09:30 (Club Run & Medio Ride mix)
Sunday 09:00 (Club Run)

More information regarding the speeds and distances on the Web site but these rides all meet at the 3-Tuns pub in Ashwell.
Rides depart at the times above +5 mins tops but best to get to Ashwell and be ready to leave at the times above.

In summary, medio/fast rides are faster and longer than club runs. So I would propose to start on a club run and see how you get on. A quick guide to distances and speeds:
Club runs are approx. 40miles & over / approx: 15/16mph - conditions, route and group all affect these numbers.
Medio runs are approx. 60miles & over / approx: 16/17 mph - again as above, conditions, route and group all affect these numbers.
Fast... more than medio...

I run the Sunday club run and you'll need to be able to do at least 15 mph over 40miles. Very roughly! As I say above... conditions, route and group all affect these numbers. If you want to ask me any other questions contact me at




  • @Martin L please can you make this sticky for the time being as I've had a few enquiries for new club run riders.

    I am happy to field these sort of questions so directing them to me.

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