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Sunday 11th July CCA Club Run 48m to MORINGA TREE, Haslingfield

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2nd attmept for us at this. I got rained off last week!
This is the first half of the Geoff Denny.
Ashwell / Over A1 / Old Warden / Blunham / Tempsford / Back over A1 / Gamlingay / Kingston / Haslingfield then back over to hill to Bassingbourne.


1pm CCA Race Day @ Track & picnic. Lets go over and show support. Grab a pie / lunch / drink.
I'll drive over so I can put the bike in the boot then drive round.



  • Who's up for the club run?
    I'm already looking forward to this!

  • Sorry, still locked into Sunday working. Hopefully see you next week!
  • No worries John - see you next week.
  • mc
    i will be there see at the bottom of langford water tower.
  • Cool Strappy - c u there when we come over and scoop you up

  • What time we talking MC?
  • Meet at 9 & back at 12.30pm ish ;-)
  • Ok, hopefully meet you there.
  • Goooooooood ride.
    Plus an old school tear up to the sign on the way back in.
    Spritely ride which required riders to dig in like an Alabama tick.
    Longer ride than predicted trying to jump around a 100+ tractor tour of Herts. Sounds strange it was.
    We kept trying to jump in front of the tractors but the display was so long we kept getting caught.
    Great fun.
    Enjoyed that immensely and the fosters lager top at the end.

    See you soon.

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