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Sunday 29th August Club Run @9:00am / 3-Tuns in Ashwell high street

Ladies and gents, Sunday club run meeting at the 3-Tuns in Ashwell high street.
General distance is around 50m but depends on the group so could be shorter.
Route to be decided on the day with the group present.
Unfortunately I am working :-(… I know a bank holiday too!

Please post up those going so others can see.

See you soon / stay fit!



  • Planning on being there.. thinking Saff Walden clock wise depending on group - so out via barrington and back via barkway/reed
  • sorry guy's not out on club run this sunday.

    my sciatica came back with a vengeance last monday not been out all week .

    i will pop out on my own but very very slowly.

    have a good one

  • I'll be out :+1:
  • Ok Strappy take it easy!
  • Sorry, working tomorrow to did the Saturday club ride today. Hopefully see you next week.
  • Good man Louie @Louie_Trezise
    Thanks Jess! @Sirlez
    See you soon john @John
    Get well soon Strappy! @strappy

  • 5 out which is good as we have MC working and Strappy strapped up!.. Carmelo put some extra miles on at Barley and we all got home in time for lunch and medals - 47 all in.. Cafe at Ickleton was closed (reopens tomorrow) … also had a short cameo from Jane up the col de Cambridgeshire.
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