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Sunday 5th September CCA Club Run - Meet 3-Tuns in Ashwell @ 9:00am

Sunday club run meeting at the 3-Tuns in Ashwell for 9:00am.
Weather looks good and warm (for once!) - travelling out for approx 50m.
Route to be announced on the day as I won’t be taking the group out this week I've popped my back so that's that for the moment lifting concrete. Having to R&R for a couple of weeks.

Without me the world goes on of course and the rides go out!

Please post up here those out. Many thanks :-)

@Sirlez thanks Jess for taking out last weeks group!



  • Was thinking we could meet Salvatore and go North as he wants to recce the Great Barford rr circuit and wind is north easterly.. from there we could find cafe
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