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Sunday 18th Club Run - Ashwell High Street / 3-Tuns 9am

Good morning all,
Sunday 18th club run meeting at the 3-Tuns pub in Ashwell high street.
Approx summer distance 50m depending on weather conditions.
Personally I’m still out of the game and hope to be be back early October - please post here those are out!
Route will be formed on the day.

See you all soon!



  • I am around tomorrow so would like to go out if there a ride tomorrow.
  • @John Hi John did you join a ride in the end?

    I'll be back on the first Sunday in October... probably slow though!

  • No. As there were no posts, I assumed no one was out, so did a solo ride from home.
  • ok - this Sunday coming I'm busy the whole weekend with family but then plan to start the first weekend in October.
    The combination of a holiday / over using my back and family weekends killed off September. Things back to normal on that Sunday.
    Already planning the route with coffee!

  • I turned up for my first trial club run on Sunday, and was getting nervous as no one was there (I didn't have posting rights to the forum as so could not signal my attendance there, but had agreed it via separate correspondence). Thankfully, Carmelo turned up, and kindly took me on the ride. I enjoyed it so much that I've now joined the club! Paul
  • Excellent and cheers Paul.
    I've been running the club runs for a number of years but missed the last month as I put my back out lifting concrete!
    Back in the first weekend of October.

    I'll post up again on Friday evneing for this coming weekend and I'll stress for people to post. :-)

  • Many thanks. Sorry to hear about your back: hope the recovery is going well.
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