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Sunday 10th October CCA Club Run - Meet 3-Tuns in Ashwell @ 9:00am

Guys - leaving Ashwell @ 9:00am.
Weather again looks good.
Ashwell - Littlebury - Ashwell 46m.

(Slightly different from Saturday as we won't cycle to Odsey ;-) and we'll do it in reverse :-))

Good route this one.
Who is out?

Route on next post.




    Cafe stop in Fowlmere ladies and gents.

  • I will be there.
  • Mc
    I will be there c u @ 9
  • Cool - James - Jon and I will be coming over from Baldock. See you there gents ;-)
  • Cafe stop as recommended by DJ - El Cafecito in fowlmere.
  • I draw everyone’s attention to @MC comment above… “Weather looks good again”…. It most certainly was not! In other news where did el @strappy go?
  • Thanks to you all for a great ride and your guidance/support this morning. I broke a few personal records today, and my heart rate got up to 173 towards the end with a little encouragement!
  • Great to see you Paul and well done for getting stuck in on a gritty day with the rain! See you soon.

    @Sirlez i know! Where did that rain come from!

  • i done my usual disapearing trick i turned right at the bottom of the hill you
    lot turned left , by the time i turned round to catch you up you had gone. but then my
    rear derailleur battery let me down so i had to stop swap front to rear , then it chucked it down with rain so i turned round and headed home. maybe next week.
  • i have to admit i got fed up with all the grit and with sore eyes decided to head home at Clavering. Only to find it was dry back in Baldock and the sun was out!
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