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Sunday 31st October @9:30am / Ashwell - 3-Tuns / Hertford Route

Ladies and gents - route out to Hertford that is sympathetic to the direction the wind as it is reasonably blowy…

Meet in Ashwell at the 3 tuns pub.
Route will be, Slip End, Walkern, Bennington, Dane End and over to Stony Hills.
Then through Hertford, under the railway line, left up the hill out to old Welwyn.
From there past the old Jag garage and over the A1. Back to Emily’s and then Preston way home.
Classic 50m



  • Who is out this weekend - keeping an eye on the weather too folks but see how it pans out in the next 24/48h.

  • Mc

    I should be out if i can find my flippers & snorkel , deffo weather look pants just post if you decide not to roll out.

  • Will do - for my beady eye out ;-)
  • Rain or not. I’m in
  • Can’t make it this week. See you all, rain or shine, next week! 👍
  • The route to Stony Hills is closed from the A602 MC.
  • Thanks Graham. I thought so. We came out last week at the Bennington turn so was changing my arm for the Dane end turn. If that’s the case we’ll skip Bennington and then drop down into watton, go back to the Hertford road.

    Cheers G ;-)
  • Yeah keep to what we did last week. Dane End is shut too. Going to be like this for some time.
  • Looks like it will be a wet one for you too
  • All - decision made for me / I’ll be zwifting.
    Rain looks heavy.
    Have a good one for those out and see you next week.

    Jess is out by the look of it above so there will be a ride.

  • I see Jess is out. Is any body else going out? Just got day off so was planning on going depending on weather.
  • 9am tuns… rule 5 & 9
  • No idea what rules 5&9 are but I will be there at 0900.
  • That was wet and windy
  • Tailwind to Ely and train home. Wet! I enjoyed it. Thank you Jess.
  • Well done gents.
    Damp day for sure - see you next week ;-)
    ...I decided to ride up Alpe D'Huez in virtual land which is always a very tough one.

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