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Sunday 12th December CCA Club Run - Meet 3-Tuns in Ashwell @9:00am

Hi All - a relatively mild winters day planned @ 12 degrees so no need to delay the start.
See you all over in Ashwell at the pub.

Wind direction is south westerly.
A Hertford ish route is on the cards.

I have a few of these in the memory banks so I'll pull out the 45m one.

Who is out on Sunday - please post ;-)



  • After a few weeks off , I’ll be back out!
  • M C

    i will be there c u @ 9 outside the tuns

  • Is this the off road ride?
  • Hi Salvo - on road ;-)

  • What sort of average do you guys in? I might join you with my gravel bike.
  • Sorry, family weekend so not out on Sunday.
  • Salvo - approx 16. Base miles in winter.

  • I can't make it tomorrow anymore. Have a nice ride. Thanks
  • Should be there
  • MCMC
    edited December 2021
    Ok gents - see you tomorrow @ 9.
    PS got to be back at 12 as going out doing the family Christmas thang.

  • Off to thetford tomorrow so not out
  • Yes but on pain of castration with a blunt hacksaw… I must be physically back in Ashwell by 12
  • Ace - have to be back at 12 too, so that works. See you in the morning.
  • Thanks for the ride out guys and good to see Brian!

    We did a split @ whitwell so half went back to make a 40m loop and the rest of the group carried on to clock 60m. Very mild - strangely mild for this time of year!

    (PS not out next weekend at all - but will post up as normal).

  • mc

    carmelo and i went on to a cafe in harlington on arrival the place looked well smart but

    CLOSED !!! so we headed back via barton in the light drizzle all ok tho and yep finished

    bang on 60 mls

    thx all
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