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First Aid Kits


For each club ride listed on the website: Wed / Sat and Sun, the club has purchased some compact cycle specifc first first aid kits containing essential items.
Notoriously no one on (one of the Sunday rides as I found out) had any first aid items at all. Nada. Even for a scuffed knee, no-one had any wipes as an example or plasters.

I've given 2 kits to David Jones for the Saturday ride. 1 for him and of course another for a regular rider.
For the Sunday rides, I now carry a kit each week and need to share out another one in the coming weeks...
For the Wednesday ride, I'll join over the Christmas period and discuss 2 regular riders that would like to carry a kit *or* let me know here and happy to drop them off to you :-)

Any questions comments then let me know here or via email:

PS First aid courses will be coordinated in Q1 next year for a small number to assist rider knowledge and help.

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