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Sunday 9th January CCA Club Run - Meet 3-Tuns in Ashwell @ 9:30am WESTERLY ROUTE / 52m

Dry and 3 degrees, with westerly wind. So lets do the Woburn mid ride and stop in Hartlington coffee shop as we won't be going as far as Woburn... Woburn mid is almost the same route out but first left after going over the M1.

Hopefully Carmelo will be out to help find the coffee shop ;-)

Let me know who is out.



  • @carmelo if you see this, where is the coffee shop in Hartlington?

  • ...just found it on google maps - looks like it is called the "hub and spoke cafe"
    5 star apparently...
  • Mc
    i should be out this week so i will meet you @ the bottom of langford hill , not been out for ages so will be a bit slow , but at least carmelo showed me where the coffee shop was if he's not around .

  • Good man - what we'll do in fact is take the left before the M1 not after ;-)
    We'll then head straight to the coffee shop at that point and then carry on up Sundon hill.
    I'll need gears!

  • I’ll see you there 👍
  • Taking the teenagers out tomorrow. They are 25miles at 15mph at the moment so won’t be out
  • Should be out
  • Well that was fun!.. thanks Taff and Strappy for help with puncture and thanks for coffee and cake MC!
  • Lovely ride out gents. 👍.

    Carmelo - might you be able to send me the link to those feet warmers?
  • Goooood route that we don’t normally tackle - Sundon loop.
    Great to get out with the team.

    See you next week.

  • mc

    yes a great ride by all nice to be out in a bit of sunshine for a change , MC cheers for the coffee once again my turn next week , finished on 55 one the nose.

    see you all next week

  • When I got home I looked at the map to work out another cafe than the one closed in Harlington. Infact there is a costa in Flitwick which was only a few miles away... only issue is getting back out of Flitwick as you have to use the main road in. :-(
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