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Sunday 24th April @ 8:00am Geoff Denny 100

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Ladies and gents it's the GD100.
Of course this time of year weather pending, lets hope we get as good as weather as the 3-Cafe's ride.
This is a classic CCA route. Once upon a time I did this on my fixed! Crazy...

8 start.
Brunch 42m Haslingfield
Break 63 Rickling Green (ish)
Late Lunch 75m Buntingford

Steady pace like the 3-Cafes ride. 15mph.

Any questions fire away here.



  • We have a number of planned rides and events coming up in the next few months and this is the first of the bigger rides.

    (Quick list which I'll also publish on the website):

    MAR 25/03 Ride of the 3-Cafes (ML)
    APR 24/4 GD100 (MC)
    MAY 08/05 G-RIDE (Mark Wyer)
    JUN 05/06 John Meadow Memorial Ride 100m (hatfield 100 route) (MC)
    JUL 10/07 Days of Ashwell Challenge (DJ)
    AUG 07/08 CCA Chiltern 100 ride (Martin H's route)
    SEP 02/09 Wells on Sea Ride 120m+
  • Anyone mad enough to join me?

    My plan is to do one long ride each month ;-)

    Nice steady 100m to put in the bank.

  • Any early takers for this? ;-)

  • For the Sunday club run I’m proposing starting earlier and then turning back at Haslingfield and then coming back to Ashwell for those wanting to do a shorter / normal Sunday club ride.

  • Thanks for long ride dates MC - great to have dates to target.
    I cant make GD on 24/4 but definitely up for some of the others.
  • Awesome Stef.
    See you there...

  • MC will see you on some of these ^ above! I'm currently in physio for an injury so I think 160k next week would be a bit foolish but definitely marking the others in the calendar!
  • MCMC
    edited April 17
    WIll be good to see you Nat ;-)
    Hope the physio goes well.

  • @Nathaniel Rosa good to see you at the weekend Nat. Get well on the injury and see you soon ;-)


    We are of course flexible but the intention is Haslingfield: Meringa Tree 44m & Buntingford 75m.

    I do normally also Grab a drink in Manuden at the pub on the corner which is approx. mid-way between BRUNCH stop and the TEA BREAK stop.

  • Three Tuns starting point?
  • Yes sir - 3-tuns @ 8.

  • See you at 8. Adrian
  • Me and Coireall might tag along when you go past our house in Harston, sent you a WhatsApp
  • pm’ed u Simon ;-)

  • Mc
    Planning to be there but will peel off at some point , are you heading over Langford
    Bridge if so will meet u there.
  • Yes we’ll scoop u up

  • On my way over…

  • Didn’t plan ahead. Had 9am in my head for a ride. Will work something out but most likely am off road short ride due to needing to do things back home. Enjoy
  • Completed the 100m - all went well and the plan to eat at Haslingfield 44m and then Buntingford 80m were successful.
    Well done to Simon’s son, Coral for doing Harston to Buntingford. Smashing effort as he’s only 12. Got a bright cycling future for sure to do that at that age.

    Good to see all the Sunday club riders and well done to Adrian for sticking with me until the very end!

    See you all soon.

  • Mc
    Well done another 100 under your belt , after we split jezz went into time trial mode and dragged me back to Ashwell in super fast time with a good tail wind helping us for a change , i finished with 70 @ 18 ave
    See you next week
  • Nice one Strappy.
    After Haslingfield, the route takes you further away quite quickly.
    I was presuming you guys would cut off ;-)

  • Great route yesterday. A bit of everything and a few new roads for me. Thanks to MC for organising and leading the way.
  • Thanks MC, really enjoyed joining you for that stretch of the route and Coireall had a great time. Ended up being 80k in total for us and he was pretty wiped by the end, but all smiles :) We'll definitely try to join another one in the future.
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