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GOOD FRIDAY 15th April - Meet @ 3 Tuns 09:00am ##LONG ROUTE TO BOURNE 55m##

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Guys - for sure I am out on Friday as I am blocked on Easter Sunday going out.
Posting up now to give a heads up.
Weather looks good and mild which is good. I'll plan to go roughly go out in the wind and come back wind behind.

Who plans to be out on on Good Friday?



  • Route now in mind...

  • Count me in
  • Top man Harry.
    Bourne coffee shop - fingers crossed it is open on Friday.
    They do a cracking bacon sandwich.

  • I'll be there.
  • MC
    Count me in c u @ 9
  • For once the weather looks great too...

  • Defo out tomorrow. Got to get daughter to station so might be a couple of minutes late.
    Send the garmin file incase
  • Ok Vincent ;-)
  • Attempting to get tomorrow mornings DIY done tonight so should be along.
  • Did anybody else catch the sun?…
    I look like a pint of guiness !

    Great ride and fab weather - thanks for the coffee and sandwich 🥪 Harry !

  • Great to see you all coming through Langford this morning….very tidy!!
  • Cracking ride. My face is a bit red.

    See you soon chaps.
  • Mc
    Yes that was a great ride , and I did catch the sun mainly on my left side .
    Ditto for the coffee Harry. Started to run out steam near the end finished on 76 @ 18.3 ouch can't feel my legs.
    C u soon
  • edited April 16
    Pink in places. Lovely day for it. Thanks for the tea Harry - hope you have a peaceful weekend ;) Adrian
  • Cheers all. That was a challenging ride. Found myself asleep most of the afternoon.
    Harry thanks for the coffee.
    Must get out for more club rides. Off roaring tomorrow so not out this sunday
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