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Sunday 26th June CLUB RUN @ 3-Tuns Ashwell @09:00am {GIDDY GOAT 59.2m}

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All - I was away on a stag do last weekend plus it was Fathers day so I wasn't out but out this Sunday lets meet at 9:00am.
Aiming for min 60miles. Summer is here now folks so lets step it up a bit distance wise.
Warm / dry / fast rolling.

I'll plan a route and have a good one in mind but will check wind directions just in case so we are not grinding into the wind on the last few miles ;-)
Will always try and plan for a coffee shop especially when the mileage goes up.

Who is out? - get your names down to gauge numbers.



  • Any takers ladies and gents?
  • I’ll be out.
  • See you in morning 👍🚴🏻
  • MCMC
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    Click on the link below to get the route:

  • Ok if I start out with you?
    Have not got time to do the whole route and may drop off the back pretty quickly.
  • More the merrier 👍
  • Good ride and warm, slow into the wind of course and fast behind it!
    Few less riders out today as the interclub TT was occuring. (well done riders).

    New rider out today, Harry. Harry's done some Chaingang Tuesday rides and did really well on this Giddy Goat rolling route. Hope to see you again soon.

    Other than that - clocked pretty much bang on for the Ashwell - Giddy Goat - Ashwell circuit: 60m.

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