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Sunday 12th June CLUB RUN @ 3-Tuns Ashwell @09:00am {GRAFHAM WATERS}

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Ladies and gents I'll be out and plan to do a 62 mile route setting off @ 9:00am from the 3-Tuns pub in Ashwell.
We'll stop on route for a coffee break and then get on home.

Weather looks good / dry and warm.

I'll set up a route on my Garmin and then post up before the ride.

Who is out this weekend for a spin?




  • Its a northerly and you know what that means - yes you guessed it... Grafham!

  • Route here, you can make your file frm mapmyride:

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the link above “more details”.
    This will take you to MapMyRide
    From there you have to have at least a free map my ride account and then you can download the file:

    - [ ] Click on more and export file GPX
    - [ ] Save file locally on PC
    - [ ] Move file to \\dropbox\bikeroutes\
    - [ ] On the mobile, look for the new file in drop box, right click and EXPORT
    - [ ] Open with GARMIN CONNECT
    - [ ] Click on your new map, top right hand corner click on 3 dots
    - [ ] Send to device GARMIN 830
    - [ ] Turn on GARMIN device
    - [ ] Find new route and test

  • If your looking for a good coffee stop try Colmworth Golf Club - looks like you pass near it. Much better than Grafham & we use it on the Wednesday CCA rides.
  • Cool
  • Thanks John.

    Keeping an eye on the weather folks.
    Looks like heavy rain coming in early tomorrow unfortunately.

    I’ll keep an eye on the weather.
    I want to get out as I haven’t been out over jubilee on a bike so grey clouds won’t stop me it would have to be persistent rain.

  • Guys - see you next week.
    Cut it pretty close now but it’s raining all morning.
    I’ll get down the gym whilst it’s raining.

  • Not looking too promising tomorrow. Enjoy.
  • MCMC
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    ### I've shifted this ride to this coming week and change the date ;-) ###

  • See you Sunday @ the3 t's
  • Any one else out ladies and gents?

  • Hoping to join
  • MC
    Geoff e
  • I should be
  • I’m in
  • MC
  • Should be there
  • 12 out today.
    Talented group.
    Positive ride up to Grafham - stopped up by the lake not the other recommended cafe. Next time will plan out the tea room instead.
    Had a couple of blasts coming back to blow out the cob webs and then a final push on Northfields the old TT course… back to Ashwell.

    Enjoyed that and the company and the weather…
    Thanks for turning up all - good training.

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    Yes, enjoyed that although I was wishing I’d gulped a gel to keep me going stronger for the last couple of miles🤪. Can you stick the photo from the cafe in the Portugal group please MC 👍
  • @pauls good to see you paul!
    See you soon.

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