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  • Will do. It’s at 11:00 at West Chapel, Cambridge Crematorium, then a ‘wake’ at the Bull in Royston
    November 29 Comment
  • BobS
    Hi James, I would like to attend John's funeral.

    Hope I'm not too late, can you let John's wife know please?

    Thanks, Bob Simpson
    November 29 Comment
  • Steve M
    Hi Graham, did you get your wahoo kickr? If so what model did you get and what is your opinion on it. I'm looking at getting the kickr core.
    November 25 Comment
  • pauls
    Hi Martin,
    Hope you're well, and the trainings going well. Covid's put a spanner in the works for the 3 Cafes Classic the last couple of years, but fingers crossed for 2022. I know when we did the 2019 ride it was posted on the forum in the December, so was wondering if it was going on the forum in the next few weeks. I've got a few things going in the diary for March, but want to ensure I'm free for the ride.
    November 18 Comment
  • TmaxTmax joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    November 9 Comment
  • grahamaskew
    Hi Harry.
    This is the trainer -
    Incline replication is 15%.
    Ive always connected my laptop with bluetooth as this was more reliable than Ant+ which I also found with an older indoor trainer. There is a slight knick in the 24V side of the power cable that i have put some heat shrink on. It rubbed against the freewheel on first use.

    It works really well with Zwift. The only downside is that the calibration of the trainer with zwift doesnt work. Zwift never set it up (mind you ive not checked for over a year so maybe they have now) so I use the other training app Rouvy to calibrate it which works well (free signup and app). I calibrate it once a week, which is normal for wheel on trainers.

    I have the original box I believe in the loft. Im only selling as im upgrading to a Wahoo Kickr.
    £175 with a spare Shimano wheel with a continental turbo tyre.
    November 8 Comment
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    October 21 Comment
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    October 11 Comment