Coming soon... CCA and Interclub Hill Climbs... Monday rollers sessions... Kids' coaching session every Saturday afternoon...

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  • pauls
    Eunach tears.......!

    Excuse the quality, although a classic from a slapstick age of comedy

    September 2 Comment
    • wilburtrump
      Absolutely... classic! I met Mel Brooks last year outside “Young Frankenstein” at the Garrick Theatre when I was covering for one of the trumpet players on that gig. Properly star struck. Had to stop myself from blowing a raspberry, saying “baked beans” and giggling like a child...
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  • grahamaskew
    Hi Keith
    Ill be away from tomorrow to sunday. Can catch up with you sometime next week so you can try them on. My number is 07415623587. ill be working 7 till 3 during the week so i can pop by after work if that suits you.
    August 28 Comment
  • pauls
    pauls MC
    Cheers MC, i'll pop round later. let me know your address and what times good for you.
    August 19 Comment
  • Taff
    Taff MC
    Hi mark. Email is

    August 17 Comment
  • pauls
    pauls MC
    Hi Mark, Just looking at the weather for Saturday and i think David Jones might cancel the Saturday club run. Is it worth maybe doing a figure of 8 ride on Sunday, so we return to Ashwell after the first 50 miles before heading off in another direction for the next 50. This might get some of the Saturday riders to join us in the morning. Not sure if Rhubarb & Mustard in Ashwell open on a Sunday for coffee and snacks, but there are a few places in Baldock that could be an option. I should be good for Sunday.
    August 8 Comment
  • rayers
    I saw the grass track notice. Is it Grasstrack now or are you still planning to Do a CX session /rose
    August 4 Comment
  • Harvey123
    I am ok with that one MC. See U at 8.
    August 2 Comment