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TDF fantasy league Final Scores

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Its just arrived the email saying this is now live.

Get your teams in here. Fancy trophy up for grabs.

League 978 CCA TDF Fantasy League

Password UUADK


  • Thanks Stuart- I'm in!
  • Cheers. Im in too.
  • I think I'm in ....
  • I couldn't see any instructions on the website. Is it just pick your team within the budget and sit back or can you do substitutions during the race?
  • Found it. I'll try and have a go this year.
  • Thanks Alistair that is useful if you have not done this sort of thing before.

    If you want in you have to get a team in by the start.

    11 teams so far.
  • I think I'm in. I didn't have to enter the league number or password, I just seemed to automatically be in it.
  • Yes you are in Mark
  • Well done Stuart. Not sure who has the trophy at the minute!
  • It was presented. Think Emma?

    Now 17

    You have a few hours left on Sat morning
  • I don't have it....
  • Sorry Emma. I know there was some debate on the evening as to who won. Thought it was you
  • 20 teams total

    Top 3 after day 1
    Mark W

    Lantern rouge - go go go Valverde only 15 points so a bit of catching up to do.
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  • I've got the trophy at the moment: ready to hand over (I doubt MonsterMunch-DeepHeat-Varta will trouble the podium this year).

    It's a cracker!

  • The GO GO GO Valverde team seems to be very reluctant to win me any points this year :(

    Not going to get within a mile of the podium at this rate !!
  • Just looked up last years results

    Simon rhino won it (CCA member?)

    Brendan was 2nd so might have the claim?
  • That's Simon from St Neots. He's first claim for CCA at Tug of War and second claim for everything else.
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    The standings after 1 week and a bit. Been a fair bit of movement (apart from Go Go Go) with a number of leaders. Will have to see what happens as it starts heading skywards.

    5413.0pts 1 A Lilac Harry Quinn

    5379.0pts 2 MWyer

    5315.0pts 3 Feel Free to Attack

    4982.0pts 4 Broken Bones

    4687.0pts 5 Team Webber

    4635.0pts 6 Stef

    4588.0pts 7 The flicking elbow of Quintana

    4555.0pts 8 Wellsy's Wobblers

    4437.0pts 9 CCRhino

    4395.0pts 10 Skelders v2.2

    4382.0pts 11 SquatDan

    4329.0pts 12 TEAM NOAH

    4238.0pts 13 Tomi Iomi

    4193.0pts 14 AC de Tadlow-Billancourt

    3676.0pts 15 Simon Morris

    3620.0pts 16 Blue star rt

    3402.0pts 17 Pedal to Paris

    3103.0pts 18 Big Al's Rouleurs

    2958.0pts 19 MonsterMunch-DeepHeat-VARTA

    2397.0pts 20 Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    1326.0pts 21Go go go Valverde

    CCA TDF Fantasy League
  • screenshot of the trophy taken; sadly looks like the closest I'll get to it this year
  • I carried Rohan Dennis on my team for a week and a half just so that I would get decent points on the Time Trial stage, and what does he do? Abandons the race for seemingly no reason, the day before! Oh, well...
  • Me too ! Scored me about 2 points all week - better have a damn good reason for abandoning !!
  • His TT bike and skin suit is apparently the issue!
  • Rest day 2 and the current standings. Top 3 and last place have not changed all week (sorry Go Go Go not sure there will be any coming back from that deficit) Some movement around. Don't forget you can swap out riders at 50 credits a go. Maybe drop a sprinter for a climber for after tomorrow.

    8679.0pts 1 A Lilac Harry Quinn

    8360.0pts 2 MWyer

    8298.0pts 3 Feel Free to Attack

    7613.0pts 4 Broken Bones

    7387.0pts 5 Stef

    7049.0pts 6 The flicking elbow of Quintana

    7048.0pts 7 CCRhino

    6977.0pts 8 Tomi Iomi

    6807.0pts 9 SquatDan

    6778.0pts 10 Skelders v2.2

    6765.0pts 11 Team Webber

    6717.0pts 12 Wellsy's Wobblers

    6378.0pts 13 TEAM NOAH

    5467.0pts 14 AC de Tadlow-Billancourt

    5366.0pts 15 Blue star rt

    5166.0pts 16 Simon Morris

    5064.0pts 17 Big Al's Rouleurs

    5051.0pts 18 Pedal to Paris

    4981.0pts 19 MonsterMunch-DeepHeat-VARTA

    3875.0pts 20 Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    2636.0pts 21Go go go Valverde
  • The results are in.

    Looks like David H is the winner (I think) Lilac harry Quinn?

    Some big scores on the last day after the 2 previous unusual days but no change at the top. (or the bottom)

    12301 1st A Lilac Harry Quinn

    11899 2 Feel Free to Attack

    11348. 3 MWyer

    10846 4 Broken Bones

    10749 5 The flicking elbow of Quintana

    10414 6 Stef

    10042 7 Tomi Iomi

    10035 8 Team Webber

    9823 9 Wellsy's Wobblers

    9756 10 SquatDan

    9705 11 CCRhino

    9339 12 Skelders v2.2

    8925 13 TEAM NOAH

    8818 14 Blue star rt

    7957 15 Big Al's Rouleurs

    7799 16 Pedal to Paris

    7712 17 Simon Morris

    7507 18 MonsterMunch-DeepHeat-VARTA

    7218 19 AC de Tadlow-Billancourt

    6484 20 Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    4322 21 Go go go Valverde

  • Yep that's me. Another good reason to go to the awards evening.
  • I want to thank my riders for doing such an amazing job for three weeks :-)

    (Tomi Iomi)
  • I am not sure Go Go Go Valverde manager will be saying the same thing :-)
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