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Sunday 7th January CCA club runs @ 3-Tuns in Ashwell 9:30am KEYSOE

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All - Sunday Club Run post, anticipate in the summer season circa 60 miles @ 16-17mph, in the Winter 40 miles at 15-16mph. (base mile riding).

Route will be posted up depending on road and weather conditions.

To join the Sunday what's app group to get a push feed:

I'm the admin for that so email at enquiries@ccashwell.com and I'll add your phone number. ;-)
or PM me.



  • FYI - this is now a weekly sticky post so save creating a new one everytime.
    You'll see new comments added to this thread when you log onto the forum.

    Reminder - those who want to join the what's app - link above and send me a message. This is not a closed group and I want new names :-)

  • 8th Looking like Grafham.. 2 in thus far
  • Not out this week myself, see you soon ;-)

  • Jezza
    Doing the Saturday ride this week as I'm off work for my birthday But if I ain't to sloshed I might come on sunday DONT wait if I'm a no show .
  • Hi guys - not out this Sunday.
    Who is out - please post here :-)

  • Hi Guys,
    I am out Sunday and plan to do a 55miler half Geoff Denny (the first half). Route on the website.

    I'll see if I have the route to hand in my Garmin.

  • Guys out on Sunday - plan is to ride up to Grafham Reservoir - cafe stop in Kelshaw. ( if that’s how you spell it!). 60m / steady place like last weekend.

  • Mc
    Its Keysoe near Grafham dave put the course together on his Saturday ride should have his garmin route on the forum , have a look see what you think .
  • This is the one you want MC

    Ashwell, Langford, Broom, Blunham, Gt Barford, Wilden, Bolinghurst, Keysoe, Colemworth, Barford, Blunham, Everton, Potton, Wrestlingworth, Ashwell (60 miles)


    Cafe is at Keysoe international- if there is a security guard on the gate just say you are going to the cafe and they will let you in
  • Cheers David!
  • Not quite that route but we found the cafe @DavidJ
  • Sunday club run 5th November / 9:00am 3-Tuns:
    Good evening guys - I plan to be out and will aim to do a max 50m loop as I am out in the afternoon.

    Route tbc 🤔
  • Who is out?
  • Strong westerly tomorrow - definitely Woburn route!

  • Planning to be MC.
  • I will be out , meet you at the bottom of Langford hill usual spot as your heading my way .
  • Ps anyone want to be added to the Sunday club run what’s app message me on :-1:

  • Good morning guys - anyone out tomorrow?
    I am not - unfortunately cutting a tree up after it fell down from the storm the other week!

  • Good evening all,

    Unfortunately I can’t make Sunday - family thang.

    Who is out and can meet to make a group?

  • Anyone about tomorrow? (19thNov)
  • I could be out.
    But not a fast one.
  • I'm slowly getting back mate. Had a sore back and COVID the last month
  • Want to meet this side of A1?
    Not sure I will be out by 9
  • I'll swing by Ashwell at 9 incase anyone turns up and maybe I can catch you up in Henlow chippy at 9.20ish?
  • Makes sense
    If I’m not there don’t wait
  • Taff
    I will be out but only for about 40 to 50 miles so will stay this side of the a1 did you have a route in mind ?
  • I was now planning on being Ashwell at 9
    40 miles good for me. Will be on fixed, so pref gentle hills.
    Not sure which side of A1 you are Strappy.
    Was thinking north from Ashwell and over to Northill for coffee at cowshed, but happy to do that alone
  • Exactly what I was thinking Adam. I'm only good for 40ish anyway. See you at Ashwell
  • Boy,s
    Will meet you at the tuns @ 9 all good with the route .
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