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CCA Zwift Hill Climb Club Champs - Sunday 7th November @ 9:30 or later!

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No need to brave the elements for this one... let The Hill come to you!!

The CCA Zwift Hill Climb Champs will be a little different this year, mixing it up from the strategic race battle and final sprint of last year, it will be a simple battle against the clock.

The Zwift route will be 'Whole Lotta Lava', a 12.3km route up and down the Volcano. However, the qualifying section of the course will be the 'Volcano KOM' Strava segment, swirling up the side of this most exotic of mountains!

The Volcano KOM is a 3.2km climb, ascending 120m with an average gradient of 3.2%. There will be a 4km neutralised lead-in around the base of the volcano before the climb kicks up.

The ride will be an organised Zwift group ride WITHOUT an elastic band. You MUST ride a TT bike to avoid drafting... This is you against the clock , although we will cross the KOM start line as a bunch, so you can 'try' to follow others up!

** Fastest time for the Volcano KOM segment on Strava wins **

In order to enter, add your name below and follow me on Zwift and on Strava. I will then invite you to the 9:30 group ride a few days before.

WHOOAH, HOLD IT, I can't make 9:30 on the 7th... Fear not, you have until 20:00 on the 7th to ride and register your KOM time. Just add 'Solo' next to your name below and I will record your registered times from Strava. You must still select and ride a TT bike... no sneaky drafting please!

View the route here..

View the timed Strava Segment here..

Allez, Allez, Allez...


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    Dan Hall
  • Love this!!
  • Matt S
    Dan H
    Lillie?.. you riding?
  • Bumpin'

    Matt S
    Dan H
    Lillie S
    Stef D
    Matt P
  • Can you add Paul B too thanks
  • Will do!

    Matt S
    Dan H
    Lillie S
    Stef D
    Matt P
    Paul B
  • Invite sent.. its not to late...
  • Not sure I fully understand this but I’ll say yes.
  • Invite sent Martin. Join the meetup at 9:30, select a TT bike. steady ride to the bottom of the Volcano kom segment, go flat out to the top. Easy
  • I will be setting my time earlier as I now need to cover another kids football match!

    No need to ride as a bunch at 9:30, just set off when you are ready and ride round to the bottom of the KOM before launching your effort.

    Note: it is 6.1km from start of the course to start of the KOM segment, not 4km as mentioned above.
  • OK Matt. Presumably the rest of us can still go for 9:30 to morally support each other? Or does it need you to work? The time suits me so I'll join then. (Or perhaps I might accidentally enter a race with the Volcano climb in it, and forget to change to a TT bike.........).
  • That would be cheating Mr P!!
  • You can ride meetup with out me, no problem. If any issues, people can just select the 'Whole Lotta Lava' course (and a TT bike) and ride freestyleee
  • 4 of us laid down the times to beat. Stef, Martin, Dave and myself. Not sure I could have gone any harder. 🤮.
  • Remember that you can change wheels on a TT bike too!
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    Well done everyone, provisional results,.1 or 2 to come on still I think..

    Matt P 7:04
    Dave W 7:31
    Martin L 8:17
    Stef D 8:18
    Matt S 8:28
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    Well done Mr Palmer, stonking time!
  • Thanks Matt and for arranging.
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