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Beds Road CC Reliability Rides - Sundays 6th and 20th Feb 2022

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For your diaries… the Beds Road reliability rides are 6th and 20th Feb. I will try and do both.

The toughest bit is working out when the fast group is setting off. It’s all a bit unspoken and random. Be ready well before the official start I’d say.

They are brilliantly brutal. I managed to stick with the front group in 2020 by my fingernails. We were mostly being led by Ethan Vernon on the front who has just signed for dekeunick-quickstep! He finished and then did another 4hrs solo at pace while I had chicken noodle soup in the hut.

It would be good to ride with the Ashwell chaingangers and anyone else.


  • Thanks for posting Martin.
    These completely fell off the radar for me!

  • Ok for non-chain gang folk to join? Might just have to hold on for dear life…happy to be in a different group etc.
  • See ya there Harry. These rides are all-inclusive. Go at any pace you like, in the various groups setting off. Chaingang experience not essential.

    I can't see any details on the BRCC site yet but the usual thing is to get to the HQ nice and early and set off in groups. I will aim for the fast group and try and hold on. There will be a sort of official start time for the different groups - but it's very organic and groups just go on a whim. Be ready.

    Hopefully we'll get some decent-ish weather. It's nice to cover off lanes we don't normally get to. It's nice to regroup at the HQ afterwards and catch-up with a soup and roll. It's about £5 to enter I recall.
  • I'll be up for this. Not sure how 'reliable' I'll be tho....
    Did I hear MC mention that the Sun club ride would be doing this??
  • @Taff - yes my aim is to meet the Sunday club runners at the Beds Road Club house for a Sunday club run day out ;-)

    It's good to get out of the area and this is a good excuse.

  • I seem to remember being firmly told to sit at the back last time I rode this in 2020 as had no mudguards. Oops. Hope to join you.
  • Ah yes... from memory talking to a luton rider they use mudguards on club runs. Mandatory I think & different club rules... but yes - the spirit of the reliability ride is club run not racing.

    On our side I won't be racing with the front pack (in fact seond pack... lol) for sure. Looking forward to the club run in a new location.
  • I like the sound of a CCA club-run train doing the rides. That way, if/when I fall out of the back of the fast group, I can try and jump on board as you come by.
  • MCMC
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    Totally Martin - we'll play broom wagon if someone wants to play ;-)

    BTW Thought process currently is to leave the club house @ 9am behind the racier groups at the front of the pack that amasses outside the club house. Last time I remember circa 50-100 riders amassing @ 9.

  • Hello all, if I’ve remembered how to ride a bike I might join in the slow group for these. Really good rides, from what I remember.

    Anyway, apparently cycling is fairly easy to get back into. It’s just like riding a bike.
  • @Martin L - might try and sit on the fast group for as long as poss - might only be ten mins…-and then join the CCA Sun group - will see how the legs are feeling after ridiculous work month…see you there 👍
  • @HJB exactly what I was going to suggest H. Give it a shot - hang in there then we’ll come by and pick you up if you don’t get swept along to the end.

  • @wilburtrump will be good to see you!

  • From the BRCC website…

    - - - -

    Reliability rides - 1st event 6th Feb 2022

    Welcome back to our first reliability ride for some time!

    We have another Reliability ride coming on 20th Feb with longer routes.

    Not a race, but a great opportunity to get yourself prepared for the coming year's events.

    Free coffee, tea, hot soup and rolls served in the garden when you get back.

    The clubhouse opens around 7:00 am, slower riders off around 8:00am, faster riders a little later, to try and get all back at roughly the same time.

    Provisional routes - please let us know if you know of any closures, diversions, hazards etc before the event.

    56 Mile Route for 6th Feb -
    Ride with GPS -

    21 Mile Route for 6th Feb -
    Ride with GPS -

    Entry £5 for BRCC members, £10 for non
  • Thanks Martin - intention is for the Sunday club run to meet at BRCC club house and do both days.
    This is an excellent opportunity for the CCA group to act as a sweep up if anyone fancies keeping up in the front group. We'll be going round crunching the miles steadily in a group.

    Absolutely fine with me for someone to start @ 9 (faster group) and our CCA group keep it steady all the way round. Call it a leg tester. ;-)

    ### FYI: The CCA Clubbers need to meet earlier at BRCC club house to pay the fee for the ride to enter. I'll be there at about 08:00. Driving over and parking up. I'm planning at this stage to leave @ 08:30 (as we will be slower). Giving 30 mins to pay and go. ###

    I'll put this on next weeks club run post too.

  • This sounds good - I'd better get some mudguards
  • Or not.. Good excuse to sit on the back
  • Guys - this week CCA will be supporting the first of the BRCC reliability rides. (We'll also support the next one and the St. Neots one too).
    The club run will meet@ the BRCC club house and pay entry @ 08:00am.
    We'll leave @ 08:30am away from the faster group.

    The big faster group will leave at 09:00am.
    Guys wanting to test the legs start at 09:00am, you'll come by us.

    At this point keep going and if you can't get to the end we'll sweep you up. ;-)

    Any questions shout.

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