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Zwift Racing League

Race 2 of Season 2 tonight with 12 Ashwell riders racing across both Cat A and B teams.

You can catch the Ashwell 'Aye-Aye Army' in action on YouTube here...

Results and League tables to follow shortly.


  • Keep track of the race results and League standings here...

    ...You'll need to create a WTRL login first.

    Ashwell Aye Aye Army (As) are EMEA South Division A3

    Ashwell Baboon Bandits (Bs) are EMEA South Division B4
  • Hi Matt, thanks for the update. What's the latest with the races? There's not been anything posted on the forum about the zwift races.
  • Just started the current season Taff. We'll be back on promoting these races on the forum and opening up race opportunities. If we get growing interest, no reason we cannot create another team for the next season also.
  • edited January 20
    Jump on board Taff - and anyone else. The first race of this season we didn't have enough riders in the B team and so just threw away points.

    Here's a useful overview of the 8 race league. We're on Race 3 next week.


    The P races in March refer to Play-offs. Ignore them.
  • I'm available most weeks for racing. Not sure about being back in with the Bs yet tho....

    I think if the updates were open on the forum then may lead/help others into joining too?

    Is the chat in a WhatsApp group instead of the forum then?
  • Pre race planning is on WhatsApp for those who are on the team rosters... We'll get you added in. Its only on there as there is a fair bit of planning and shuffling of people pre race.

    Certainly we'll get updates here also so others can can show their interest in racing. As Martin said, we are sometimes low on numbers so get involved.
  • Tuesday at 7pm is Race 3...

    Cat A and B teams. 6 riders per team is maximum but we aim to find 6 to get full points. Shout if you fancy joining in.
  • A tough night last night around New York.

    We had a great showing from the two Vinces, Vince P stepping and riding with whilst recovering from a wrist operation. Vince F diving in at the 11th hour (literally) to maximise our points haul.

    Aye Ayes sit 10th in their league, Baboons sitting 9th.
  • A tough night of Team Time Trialling but great team spirit and effort from all involved. A first time ride from MC in Baboons, and Graham stepping in at the last minute for the Aye Ayes.

    In A, CCA are still 10th. In B, we are also 10th but tied on points with 9th place Rugby Triathlon Club... Game on!
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