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CCA Awards Dinner - Food Orders

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Now for the good bit!... if you have put your name down on the previous thread to attend the CCA Drinks/Dinner/Awards night, please choose your food and post on this thread with your selections.

2 course is £21.95, 3 course is £26.35. There is a supplement for the Fillet steak which means 2 course option would be 27.45 and 3 course option with Fillet steak would be 31.85. PLEASE NOTE... This price includes a tip for service.

Buffalo Hot Wings
Tomato Soup
Ham Hock Terrine
Brie Bites

Hot Stone - 8oz Rump or 6oz Fillet (£5 supp for fillet)
Vegetarian Lasagne
Fish & Chips
Chicken, Mushroom & Tarragon Pie with mash

Biscoff Cheesecake
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Apple Crumble
Ice Cream selection

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements and we'll work with The Bushel and Strike to satisfy these.


  • Thanks Matt.
    Please can everyone pay in advance to the club account
    Ref. Dinner-surname

  • I'll kick things off

    Hot wings
    Rump steak
    Sticky toffee pudding

    Tomato soup
    Apple crumble

    Ice cream

    Hot Wings
    Rump steak

    Paid £96.60
  • Matt S - Ham Hock, Rump, Biscoff
    Anita S - Brie Bites, Rump, Ice Cream

    £52.70 Paid
  • MCMC
    edited February 2
    Mr MC
    Rump Steak
    No dessert

    Mrs MC
    Rump Steak
    Sticky Toffee Pudding

    ## PAID £48.30 ##
  • Me - soup / pie / sticky toffee pud
    Mrs A - Brie / lasagne / apple crumble.

    Paid £52.70.

  • Thanks folks
    Ham hock and fish and chips for me.
    £21.95 paid.
  • Thanks Dan:
    1x Soup
    1x Ham hock
    2x fish &Chips
  • Marianne - Brie/Veg Lasagne
    Mathieu - Soup/Veg Lasagne/Cheesecake

  • edited February 7
    Fish and chips
    Toffee pudding
  • Martin's hungry...
  • Brie Bites, Fish & Chips, Biscoff Cheesecake
    £26.35 paid
  • Dave W: Brie, rump steak, biscoff cheesecake
    Jenny A: Brie, fish and chips, biscoff cheesecake

    £43.90 paid
  • Oops, £8.80 paid separately once I'd read the instructions properly!
  • Mark Lynn: Chicken pie, apple crumble
    Claire Lynn: Lasagne, sticky toffee pud

    £43.90 paid
  • I Missed the deserts Dan…1x crumble 1x cheesecake. Thanks!
  • Friedlanders
    Vincent Brie rump stake Apple crum
    Jane terrine pie sticky toffee
    Ella Brie rump sticky tof pudd
  • £79.05 paid
  • Sam: Hot wings and Pie
    Jo: Steak and Sticky Toffee
    Pete: Brie and Pie
  • Remind me what time we will want people to arrive
  • Approx timings for the night are as follows:

    Arrive 7pm
    Trophies 7:30pm
    Dinner 8pm
    Quiz 9:30pm
  • No trophies for 4th place though
  • DJ: Terrine; fish and chips, biscoff cheesecake
    EK: Terrine; rump steak

  • 2x Brie bites
    2x Fish and chips
    1x Cheesecake

    Thank you!
  • Archie B
    Brie bites
    6 oz steak
    Biscoff cheesecake

    Sal B
    Brie bites
    Fish & chips
  • Daniel D

    Ham Hock

  • Brendan R: Buffalo Hot Wings, Fish & Chips, Apple Crumble
    Catherine R: Brie bites, Chicken pie, Cheesecake
    Paid £52.70

  • Mr P: Brie, Pie, Crumble
    Mrs P: Brie, Rump - well done, no desert

    Paid: 48 pounds and 30 pennies

    Thanks for the excellent organising.
  • edited February 11
    Thanks Dan
    Stuart Brie Bites Veg Lasagna Apple Crumble
    Jackie Brie Bites Veg Lasagne Biscoff Cheesecake

    paying £52.70
  • Dave H
    Chicken wings
    Rump steak
    Apple crumble
  • Just me:
    Brie, Pie, Apple Crumble

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