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Grass track Monday

Great turn out on Saturday and some really good racing from those in blue. Everyone looking really strong and Jenny walked away with several brown envelopes. Hopefully we can get a good turn out this evening. I’m thinking we go with 2 lap scratch, 8km endurance and a devil this week.

See you there for a 7pm start. I’m not sure if the container will be open for loan bikes?



  • Shelton has keys for the container so we should be OK tonight. It's the last MTB training session for a while so it would be a good idea if one of us regulars had a set of keys cut

  • ok, great, for anyone new bring pedals/spanner and a hex key for the seat.
  • 4 CCA riders made it over to Bourne on Saturday, a massive number of youth riders and Eliie did a great job in taking overall 2nd (1st girl) in the U12’s.
    With a few of the big names missing it meant Dave W, Richard and I had a good chance of grabbing overall 3rd. I managed 3rd in the 600m sprint but Dave and Richard were too strong for me in the devil. Dave then had a cracking 8k and managed to bag overall 3rd and some cash. Mitchy took 1st and is off to another event today with Ellie - good luck guys,

    Hopefully we can get a good turn out this Monday. Plan is 2 lap scratch, 5km with attacking laps, ladder sprints and finishing with an Italian pursuit.

    See you there for a 7pm start. Why not come down and give these sessions a go, theres an Ashwell event on the 9th Sept so now is a good time to get some practice in.

    I’m not sure if the container will be open for loan bikes, if you do have a key and will be there please post.
  • Yes, please post on the container key availabilty, folks. I'll come down only if there will definitely be a key - I will need a loan bike. Thanks.
  • No post, so I assume no key?
  • So sorry, typically late off work, so didn't make it with key or get to post sooner.
  • We are on for tonight and I have the container key so if anyone wants to borrow a bike all you need to do is bring along a pair of pedals.

    6:50 meet for a 7pm start.

    Plan for tonight is
    Warm up
    800m sprints
    Building up the endurance event to 6k this week with attacking laps
    Ladder sprints again but this time going up the hill
    Italian pursuit to finish things off (Depending on numbers and time)
  • Nice plan Dan, thanks. See everyone there.
  • Container will be open for anyone that wants to borrow a bike tonight. How about the following as a plan:

    2 lap scratch
    6-7km endurance race with attacking laps
    Intervals 1lap on, 1 lap off. 10 in total
    Finish with Italian pursuit.
  • Anyone around for grass track this evening? Jenny and Dave may head over if anyone else is up for it.
  • Yes I'll be there.
  • Change of plan - we've decided to have a rest day instead. Have a good session if anyone's out.
  • We are on for this evening. 2lap sprints, 5k endurance, starting practice, intervals and an Italian pursuit.
  • Have fun, I am otherwise engaged this evening.
  • I'll be up if it's not chucking it down when I leave home at 5.30...
  • Anyone at the grasstrack this evening? Sam and I plan to be there
  • Is anyone likely to be at grass track tomorrow (3rd Sep)? Dave and I are hoping to be there if so.
  • Yes. Sam and I will be there
  • I’m planning to be there.
  • Weather looks great and the last chance to try out before the final event of the series. Let’s start with 800m sprints, a devil if we have the numbers, 6 lap handicap and an Italian pursuit.
  • nice night to end these sessions on (assuming we've finished). Test drove Dave's 'reverse win out' for the weekend - good event if need of some explaining.

    I picked up a pair of arm warmers at the end - Sam's or Pete's maybe??
  • love a reverse win out!!!
  • Iain - the arm warmers are Sam's I think. No doubt see you at one of the weekend races!
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