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Grass Track Maintenance

I thought it might be helpful to put the tasks complete on the forum so people know what's been done. Some Autumn and Spring treatments will mean track cannot be used. These jobs will be worked around riding season. TBA

Upper field cut yesterday. Tracks cut. Car park cut, strimmed round posts and gate entrance. Reattached sign on gate.


  • Tracks cut today.
    Intend cutting lower field next week and tracks again in readiness for event. If tape and stakes finished with can they be cleared please? I can then cut where they have been.
    Thanks Tim
  • Hi Tim - yep. All tape and stakes finished with for now. Feel free to remove. Thanks for all the help.

    Parents... The week after the Grass Track event, we'll be using the field to kick off our weekly Saturday afternoon winter coaching sessions for kids. Get in touch if yours fancy it and I can provide more details. Kids racing for the little ones will be kicking off in the winter too with the brilliant Muddy Monsters series.
  • Thanks Martin.
    Tracks cut today, lower field and car park.
  • Now grass track isn't being used I have started renovations. Please keep off the tracks till further notice. This allows recovery. I will be remarking and seeding in the next few days. Pass the word. Thanks Tim
  • Thank you so much for this its really appreciated.
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    Please keep off the outer grass track.. Topsoil seed dressing applied. Position checked and 25 new blue markers installed. These will ensure circuit doesn't creap in the future. No more white lining either! Rest of markers will be installed in the next week or so. Thanks to Vincent for help measuring and hammering.
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    Link to pics of repairs and track measuring and new markers
  • Toilet pulled off stand attempt to turn over
  • It was properly turned over a few weeks ago which pulled out the bolts. I think that movement you've highlighted may have been the wind. I'm going to be doing some maintenence up there next weekend so will secure it properly.
  • Cool.
    Tried to embed images on the page but can only make a link work. How do I embed using imgur?
  • Getting images to appear on the forum:

    Upload them to the internet. Imgur is fine.

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    How do you know the difference? The address will have a file suffix like .jpg or .png

    A location will have .com or etc

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    The forum isn't great for putting up loads of pics. Maybe a link (location) is better/as good for such needs. imgur, flickr, etc. As Tim has done above.
  • Seed and topdressing applied so please pass the word. Don't ride imagethe track. It will take time to recover.
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