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2019 Inter Club TT Dates for your diary; *NEW* IC POINT SCORING SYSTEM EXPLAINED

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Calling All Testers

The Inter Club TT series is a Time Trial competition series between 5 local clubs: Bedford Road CC (BRCC), Hitchin Nomads CC (HNCC), St. Neots CC (NSCC), Icknield Road Club (IRC) and Ashwell (CCA). CCA won the series in 2017 but had a fallow year in 2018. The points scoring can be a little impenetrable, but suffice it to say that the more 1st claim riders (yes male and female!) we have and the better our times, the better we score! (2nd claim CCA members can ride in CCA colours if they'd like a ride and to enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere, but their result doesn't contribute to CCA's points total).

I've approached a number of regular testers individually and a WhatsApp group has been set up to coordinate. If I haven't approached you yet, but you're interested in riding this year, please respond to this thread or see me at the evening TTs on Wednesday nights. Depending on how we're doing with the numbers, I may need to twist a few arms too, so you've been warned!

The dates for the 2019 InterClub series have been announced, and are as follows:
2nd June - BRCC 15 on the 1Y/15*
23rd June - HNCC 30 on the 1U/30
21st July - CCA 25 on the F14/25
3rd August - IRC 10 on the F15/10*
29th September - SNCC Hill Climb on the 6X/H
The two courses marked with an asterisk have long-term road works on them and there may be some variation to the actual course on the day.

We'll soon start looking for names for the BRCC 15 event, so look out for the post soon.

For the diary, the CCA Hill Climb is booked for 20th October. Please note that, as in 2018, it will be a single assent of Hatch Lane, Baldock.


  • Cheers, ill try and make as many as I can.
  • Please put me down for these dates 23rd June - HNCC 30 and 21st July - CCA 25 and
    3rd August - IRC 10 Bertie Bumstead
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    Hi Folks:
    Bedford Road now includes the following explanation on its site. My understanding is that the same points system will be carried through into this 2019 season:
    Our Inter Club Time Trial Competition consists five events – 10M, 15M, 25M, 30M and a Hill Climb. Five Clubs (CCA, BRCC, HNCC, IRC and SNCC) take part and each hosts one event. The Scoring System used in recent years did not properly recognise the performance of Women competitors. This was putting some off from riding and causing disappointment amongst those who did.

    The fastest Woman will in general be slower than the fastest Man but should have the opportunity to bring home the same number of points to their Club as the fastest Man. To address this issue a new System has been agreed by the five Clubs. It will be used for the 2018 Competition and then reviewed when the Competition has concluded. Broadly speaking, a Woman’s (or Man’s) relative performance against her (or his) peers is what really counts. Women and Men are treated equally, but according to the volume of each riding. In detail:
    Riders are put into a Category – Men or Women (Trans-gender to be dealt with according to CTT Regulation 10 – Gender Categories).
    Each Category must have at least 3 riders, or else it is merged with another Category.
    For each Category the fastest rider’s points equals the number of riders in the Category having the most number of riders.
    The slowest rider’s points in each Category is one.
    The other riders are awarded points equally spread out between the fastest and slowest rider in the Category, with fractions rounded up to the nearest whole number.
    The number of riders for each Club whose points will count towards the competition shall be that of the Club with the lowest number of finishers, but this number shall be no lower than 8.
    The top scorers from across the Categories are included.
    It is hoped that this new fairer System will encourage more Women to compete in an excellent season-long Competition with heritage going back very many years. It will ensure that our Women’s efforts are just as valuable to our Club as the Men’s. The System shall be reviewed at the end of the season. It could be easily extended in future years to include other Categories (e.g. Juveniles, Super-Veterans) should the need arise.
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