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Mid Summer Classic

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It's been a couple of years since we had a Mid Summer Classic.

Sunday 7th July - The Lolly Ride


A lovely long ride along Suffolk's Lanes and through it's little villages.

The 124 mile circular route takes in some beautiful Suffolk Wool towns and villages, Clare, Long Melford, Lavenham and Boxford. The far point is a lovely little village called Kersey which is built on either side of a valley with a ford at the bottom and a steep climb out. Whilst there are some A roads they are all quiet ones.

Refreshment options (dependant on numbers) are:
Keddington for a self supported break at 38 miles.

Lunch - two possible cafes at Brent Eleigh or Monks Eleigh at 60 miles or possibly Boxford at 68 miles.

Tea at Bicicletta at Safron Walden at 103 miles or the Audley End mini Railway Station cafe.

8:30am start from the Three Tuns. Even at club run pace we should be back by 5:30 - 6pm.

Let me know numbers so I can book the lunch stop.



  • Count me in Mark.
  • Sounds nice, will stick it in my diary.
  • Count me in
  • Hoping to be there.
  • Any more? I need to book the lunch stop soon so need numbers by the end of the week. let me know even if you are just a possible.

    Mark and Stevie
    Paul S
    Martin H

  • Yes please Mark
  • Looks great Mark. I have, however, entered Plomsgate Grass Track that day.
  • I'm in
  • Mark - please also add Paul B as a possible. Thanks
  • Hi Mark, is there a GPS route available?
  • Yes Martin, I'll post it up soon.
  • Here is the link to the route. It might be useful for anyone who might want to ride it a bit faster.
  • cheers. Looking forward to this.
  • Hi Mark, I am going have drop out of this having picked up a rib injury.
  • Hi. I will meet you on the route somewhere near Great Shelford. Looking forward to it.
  • Cannot afford a whole day on the bike. Have fun.
  • Stef, Mark Searle is meeting us at the Great Shelford Level Crossing near the station.

  • Martin,
    Sorry to hear that, get well soon,
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    7 of us were out yesterday on this nice route into Suffolk. A steady pace out into the head breeze through some lovely villages with a few little lumps thrown in. Weather was great, sun, bit of cloud to keep the temperature perfect for a long ride. About 68 miles in (after about 20 miles asking how far it was and thinking how nice it would be to be at the Blue Egg) we had a much need stop at a Café in Monks Eleigh to refuel with sandwich and paninis. Nice gooey brie, bacon and tomato panini was a winner. From there we were off to make our turn back where unfortunately Mark Searle got the one and only puncher.

    Around 80 miles, Toma, Taff and myself went off ahead, picking the speed up we knocked off the 20 miles to Saffron Walden in good time to get some more energy back in us. Although Tesco petrol station just didn’t have a great choice for this...heavy & sickly Red Bull is was.

    We decided to avoid the lumps of Chishill and went via Duxford and Fowlmere to keep it flat and fast, were we saw Martin out on his afternoon spin. Good efforts and rotations between us the miles were ticking away, but the legs were also feeling it. Then the final push and sprint into Ashwell that Taff won. The legs were done! We were back at The Tuns for some much needed beers by 6pm. Those 60 miles from where we went ahead were rattled off pretty quickly with an average of just over 20mph. And we certainly felt it.

    Last few miles back home to raid the fridge for food and beer and relax. Great day out with great company.
    Door to door 143.8 miles at 17.7mph average.
  • Good effort Graham. I punctured on the way over in the morning, quickly fixed it then
    had a problem with the valve. I ended up in Ashwell late and missed you. In hindsight i should have looked at the GPS route and had a go at catching up.
  • Martin H - have you got the Garmin route for this on file ;-)
  • Great ride, thanks for the route and organisation Mark, and the write-up Graham. Long sections of lovely car free lanes in Suffolk.
  • We saw Matt P twice on the route! First time he pressed on past us on a mission. We then saw him near Haverhill where he recounted his adventure of having broken his seatpin a car ran over his carbon saddle. He contemplated riding the remainder of the route standing up but instead bought a new one in Halfords at Sudbury.

    Mark and Stef left us near Haverhill as we felt like pootling back. We did a quick shop raid in Saffron Walden before heading up to Great Chishill. Stevie headed home from there whilst I went back to Ashwell to pick up the car. It was a beautiful evening riding along the ridge to Reed. I got into Ashwell just before 7pm in time to see someone heading off into the distance, I guess from the Tuns. 125 miles for me about 111 for Stevie.

    Sorry to hear about your puncture Paul, hopefully next year.
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