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Grass track club champs Mon 1st July 18:30 start time

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We will be holding our very own grass track club champs on Mon 1st July. If you are interested in taking part but haven't tried grass track before then try and get down to one of the Monday sessions beforehand. There are fixed wheel bikes available to borrow, you just need to bring some pedals (and a helmet). We will be there tonight from 7pm.

We will also need a few volunteers to help with the judging on the day. Please post your name below with an R for Racing or a V for volunteering.

In this evenings sessions we are planning some sprints drills, 2 lap sprint races, a 5k chaingang and an Italian pursuit.

Date for the youth grass track club champs to follow, it will most likely be on a Thursday evening.


  • Stef - V
  • Andy - V
  • Richard - R
  • MartinL - Racing
  • I am so doing this! Daniel
  • David H - Racing
  • I will V but if you have enough V’s I will R but with low expectations
  • I can race, but if you need me to volunteer I can do as I fly to Italy on the 3rd to do the maratona so may be safer to help out!
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    Pete and Alistair, please feel free to race. We shouldn't need as many volunteers as an open event and we already have Stef, Andy and Mark helping out. Of course we always welcome more volunteers but we need racers as much.

    We're hoping for this to be a bit of a social evening too, weather depending we'd like to have a bit of a picnic with maybe some drinks afterwards, so please bring your families along too. If there are any of the older youth who would like to help out then they are welcome and will be a good chance to see how an event is run, but on a smaller scale.
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    Only a couple of weeks to go, if you are thinking of trying this out then try and get down tonight at 7pm for a bit of grass track action. Tonight we are planning a Devil, 1k TT, 400m sprints and a 5k chaingang. Bikes available to borrow, just bring some pedals.


    Dan H
    Dave H
    Daniel D
    Richard L
    Peter D
    Alistair Mc
    Martin L
    Tim D
    Vince F
    Dave W


    Mark W
    Andy N
    Ian H
  • I'm in (although I'm doing a 100 mile ride the day before!). Should be there tonight also.
  • Jenny - racing
  • Dave - Racing (although in the same boat as Brendan- depends how hard we smashed it...)
  • We are on for tonight, last chance to try the track before the club champs, tonight we are planning a warm up with a little twist, some intervals, a team pursuit, track stand and starting practice. See you there at 7pm
  • I am going to assume the list is as above and will design and post the programme up here in the next couple of days based on that.
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    Club champs will kick off at 18:30, please aim to arrive for 18:00 to help set up, we should be done by 20:30. Race program TBC but expect a mix or sprint and endurance events.

    Bring a picnic, some beers & the family. All 1st claim adult members are welcome to race but please let me know ASAP if your name is missing from the post above or if you can no longer make it, note that there won’t be the option to enter on the day as the race program will be finalised beforehand. The weather looks great so even if you are not racing it would be great to get a load of CCA members down to cheer on the racers.
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    We will start with a 1km TT. If you are running late then you can start this event no later than 7pm.

    6:30 pm 1 KM TT
    7:10 2 lap sprint semi final (Heat 1 odds, Heat 2 evens)
    First 3 to A final, remainder to B
    7:25 5K
    7:55 Devil (one out each lap down to last 3)
    8:10 Sprint finals
    8:20 Mystery event (for omnium points)

    Riders (order for 1 km TT unless late)
    1. Dave Wells
    2. Brendan Ronayne
    3. Alistair McLeish
    4. Richard Lawrence
    5. Martin Lawless
    6. Dan Hall
    7. Dave Hadsley
    8. Vincent Friedlander
    9. Iain Foulkes
    10. Daniel Doncaster
    11. Pete Daniels
    12. Jenny Andrews
    13. Tim Duckett

  • Mark, Dan,
    Just to confirm I'll be there at 18:00.
  • Have added Tim D to start list.
    Have changed the programme a bit to allow more time for recovery after 5k. Sprint now just 2 rounds to save time.
  • good luck everyone racing tomorrow. It's just wonderful to see all ages racing the track.
    Special note to Mark who has been a constant presence since we started the youth section. Thank you for being such a foundation rock for the club Mark.
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    Many thanks to Mark, Stevie, Stef, Andy and Archie for running the event. It was a great evening of racing with Martin L taking the honours. Youth club champs this Thursday.
  • Yes: thanks to the team that organised this brilliant inaugural Club Championship. And well done everyone who took part. Well done Jenny on the Ladies trophy.

    There's plenty of summertime left to get involved in the fun on offer at our very own grass track field. Bikes available. Training there every Monday 7-8pm: no previous experience of track bikes required.






  • A wonderful evening; who knew Monday's could be this good?

    Many thanks to Mark, Stevie, Stef, Andy and the commentating prince Archie.
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