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CCA TdF Super Summer Seventy Social - Friday 26th July

For the third year in a row, the mid summer ride / social is on once again on... this time to align with Stage 19 of Le Tour de France (Col De I'Iseran / Tignes mountain stage). A short, punchy mountain stage of just 80 miles which will, no doubt, be influential in deciding the overall standings of this years race.

The day starts with a classic club ride across the chiltern hills (including our own beasty climbs... Invinghoe Beacon and Bison Hill) to Tring where a welcome break is to be had at The Cog cafe link for coffee, bacon sarnies, cake etc etc.

It's then the run back under the Luton flight path to Letchworth and the Garden City Brewery link to watch Stage 19 of Le Tour, accompanied by beer, cheeseboards, scotch eggs and pork pies...

Everyone is welcome, either to ride, ride and drink, or just turn up to watch the racing and the craic.

Route will be the same as last year, Starting at 9am sharp from the Garden City Brewery, The Wynd, Letchworth, returning for approx 2pm.

Route here

Stick you name below to give an idea of numbers...


  • Stef - ride and drink
  • Was it last year when on the return leg the road started to melt and our wheels were making that sticky tar noise..? This summer had better get its skates on!

    Looking forward to this ride. Thanks for arranging Matt.

    Martin L
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    Wouldn't miss this one, i'm in for the ride, drink and curry.
  • HI Matt. Yep. Sounds like a good day. See u at the GCB to start πŸ‘
  • Matt
  • The Tour is on, which means just under 3 weeks to go for this ride / social.

    I'm thinking meet at Esquires Coffee Shop on Leys Av for a cheeky go-go espresso at 8:30 for a 9 o'clock roll out.

    All welcome... Ride will be club paced - nobody left behind. Drinking will be most definately session paced!!

    Start - Esquires Coffee Shop, Letchworth
    Half way - The Cog Cafe, Tring,
    Finish - Garden City Brewery, Letchworth
    Post drink Curry - TBA

    Stick your name down and turn up.
  • GCB have now confirmed our table in front of big Tele which will be tuned to ITV4 from 2pm...

    Ride on!
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  • Alaphillipe says "Hands up, I'd rather be riding the Tring ride"

  • I should be out for this and live just round the corner from the town centre. Anybody wanting to leave a bag of clothes/get changed (maybe into their Didi costume?) for any sort of reason is more than welcome to drop it at mine before the ride and pick it up after. Drop me a message if you wanna do this!
  • Thankyou for organising. See you at the coffee shop for 8.30 πŸ‘
  • Weather looking spot on at the minute... Not the heatwave and melting tarmac of last year, but a sunny day with tail wind home.
  • Please add Paul B too.
    Looking forward to it.
  • Will.. sent you an email
  • Hi all

    Dave H put me on to this cycling-related beer. It's a bit of a template for the as-yet-unmade Grass Track Beer we plan to brew and take over the world with.

    It turns out it's made by the Tring Brewery, that has a brewery shop on-site - that's only 2 minutes from our cafe half-way point. I think we should pop in and ceremonially try one.

    I look forward to the ride, and watching the exciting TdF in the afternoon in Letcheworth, and catching up with anyone who pops in after work for a drink too.

    Riders: see you 8.30-9am @ Esquires.

    Will: yep - would love to drop off a bag. Ta.

  • Cheers Martin... I think it would be rude not to pay a vist.

    Will, bag drop would be great also...

    Thankfully looking cooler tomorrow, possibly a refreshing sprinkle of rain!!

    For those last minute riders, feel free to turn up ready to set off at 9. I will be at Esquires shortly after 8:30.

    For those last minute drinkers, we should be back at LGC brewery for 2:30 ish, feel free to turn up and join in... We'll be there til early evening at least.
  • If the beers good Matt, it might be worth bringing your ale carrier tube you used on the Wells ride a few year back...!

    See you all in the morning.
  • I put this picture up the day before last year's ride.... still seems appropriate!...

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    Please ignore the route above, this is the route to use for tomorrow's ride...

    GPSies - CCA Summer Social18

    Note, this doesn't include the Tring Brewery detour, but literally 100m of course on the outskirts of Tring
  • Have a good one ladies and gents - can’t make it tonight :(
    Enjoy the ales!

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    Another memorable ride with a mix of weather that probably spanned at least 3 out of the 4 seasons... Although If you take into account the hail / snow we sore on TV @ Val d'isere, it would certainly make it a full house.

    Collecting ourselves on the continental-esque outdoor seating at Esquires Coffee House in Letchworth, we set off west, with a shot of caffeine in our stomachs, desperately trying to avoid the red smudge on Martin's rain radar. We failed, and after a few miles, we were slowly getting wet, although in a relatively refreshing way.

    Heading across the Luton flight path and into the chilterns, the roads resembled those normally riden in November, with dark tint sunglasses smeared with water, dull roads hidden by the shadows of the trees, the clearest thing to make out was the stark white 'ASHWELL' writing on the back of our jerseys!

    12 miles from Tring, Phil's slowly weeping back tire finally let go and we stopped outside the houses of some affluent residents of Bedfordshire. Hoping that we might have pity taken on us and a tray and tea and cake would suddenly be assisting our tire changing efforts... however the dream wasn't realised and heading back on our bikes the old classic 1-2 hit us as Martin's front tire was as deflated as we were about the lack of tea and cake.

    Onwards to Tring via Invinghoe beacon (now able to dry ourselves off in the warm breeze) We arrived at the Cog just before 12 and swiftly ordered our bacon sandwiches and coffee. Slick, friendly service meant we were soon back on the road, heading out of Tring and away from the abusive car drivers that can be found there. Before vacating the area completely, a quick detour to Tring Brewery for a swig of the cycling inspired 'Drop Bar' pale ale... We were not sure whether it was the fact we were mid ride or that it is just a fantastic tasting beer.. either way, its probably best that we all buy some and find out for certain!...

    Popping up Bison hill, it was clear that Paul was already fit for Italy despite having 7 weeks left to train (strong) however, we regrouped and headed back across the lumpy lanes to Letchworth, rolling into the Garden City Brewery just before 3pm and bang on queue for the racing on the TV (what there was of it).

    Some great beer, pizza and a few more friendly faces made for a very pleasant evening after a tough ride.

    Thanks, Martin, Paul, Phil, Stef, Will & Keith for a great ride. See you next year!
  • Cheers chaps, that was a great day out on the bike/in various breweries. Proper cycling.

    More mudguards needed, clearly...
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    Top day out. Always good fun to combine a ride with a social evening. I think the good
    form on Friday is on the back of the winter rollers you (Matt) & Martin are good enough to run through the dark winter months. Is it too early to plug Monday Night Rollers 8.30 -9.30...end of October !

    Looking forward to the Wells ride, but still not sure on the there & back option.

    Will, Good to see you sporting the Ashwell flapped mudguards.......despite it being July.....proper proper cycling.

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