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3rd July Evening Club TT - Tentatively "on", but we need helpers please

Having marched you all up the hill last week relying on the Cambridge roadworks website advice that the roadworks would be concluded last Wednesday - and they weren't - I am tentatively advising that we're "on" for tomorrow.

The proviso is that the roadworks website has been showing for a couple of weeks top dressing/chipping taking place along the section of the B1042 by the turn to Croydon Hill on "1-5 July". Local reports today - 2nd July - say that there is no top dressing as of this evening. So if there is none taking place tomorrow morning when I take a look, we're "on". Otherwise, stay posted and I'll advise on cancellation.

However, we have no helpers at all posted on the doodle poll. I am hoping that if @Stuart F and @rayers are both available, we can run the event on a skeleton staff. But if you are available to help, please post. Thanks :-)


  • Sorry Andy, I'm in Heathrow now and flying to Italy to drag my fat ass* up some mountains, I hope to post up some reports.

    * fat as in I'll never be a light weight climber, though I could lose a fe Kgs!
  • I can help
  • Good luck on the Maratona Al!
  • I drove the course in reverse from Wrestlingworth this morning (Wednesday 3rd July) and saw signs in place along the route for the expected chipping/top dressing and a Cambridge Council van out putting them up. However, there was no heavy plant that I could see (tar spreader, trucks with chippings etc.) so my assumption is that that the top dressing will start tomorrow now (the Council website indicates top dressing from "1-5 July", so they've already allowed themselves some flexibility on the start date).

    However, I'll ask my "spy" if he can go back that way about 3.30 p.m. for an update in case we have to cancel at the last minute, so please stay posted.
  • Great. See you later. I won't see the top dressing from my desk in London but I will hopefully get to Ashwell rail station at 18:20 which means I'll be at Guilden village hall around ten to seven. Please can you save me a later/high number as trains can be delayed. Thanks David
  • I can come over and help. Not sure about Thomas as he's been a lazy teenager and his bike is still in Gravel mode with 40mm tyres and 36T ring. Maybe he should ride it anyway
  • Will do, David. I should be at the Village Hall at 6.00 p.m. so will post up in case unexpected early chipping causes a cancellation.
  • Oh! And thanks @rayers, much appreciated.
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    OK, This is a difficult call. They’ve chipped a small section of our course from the Wimpole roundabout to about 50 metres past the Toll Bar. As we have foot down there, as soon as you cross a bit of loose stuff the cars have already compacted the “racing line”. If you’re unlucky a car may delay you as it goes slow for about 50 metres, but then you're back on smooth tarmac and they’ll be away. Not ideal, but I say we do it.

    Hope to see you out this evening! 😊
  • I just drove that way home and concluded the same thing.
    Bit dodgy on junction but clear 59m on.
  • Ok sounds good!
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