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3rd July Evening Club TT - Results and Handicap Standings; *NOW UPDATED WITH REPORT*

edited July 10 in Time Trial
Following a frustrating two week lay-off through road works on the B1042 Lower Road after a burst water main at the turn to Croydon washed some of the road away, events very nearly conspired against us again this week. The Cambridge Council road works website had been showing chipping or "top dressing" from the Wimpole roundabout past the site of the roadworks and on for about a kilometre of our route from "1-5 July". However, come Tuesday 2nd July there was no sign of any work, so it was looking hopeful that we'd be able to put the race on. However, a recce along the course on the morning of the race found signs being erected and our regular "spy" called at 5.00 p.m. - with the race off at 7.01 p.m. - to report that the top dressing had been done from the Wimpole roundabout to about 50 metres past the Toll Bar "foot down" corner.

Your intrepid correspondent raced out to the site to check the situation and take photos to show our racers (see below). Although a tough call, the racing line appeared to have been compacted sufficiently by passing traffic and was free enough of loose material to be safe for braking. The foot down ensured that entry onto the road over some looser material would be done at low speed and so the possibility of skidding was much reduced. If riders were unlucky, there was a chance of being struck by stones flicked up by a recklessly speeding vehicle, but on balance, as you'll have already guessed, we posted that we would GO!


This obstacle was not the only interesting feature of what was otherwise another warm evening. The wind direction was an unusual West North Westerly that created unhelpful cross winds for much of the course, but a tailwind/cross tailwind on the way back from the crossroads at Wrestlingworth. Despite all this, the riders' Summer form was evident with many pushing up against their PBs, a notable example being Mr. Allen who was just 10 seconds off. Mr. Oriss was 11 seconds off and the consistently consistent Mr. Askew just 15. However, all were eclipsed by Dr. Chitu who, sporting new clip-on bars, trounced his previous best by 1 minute 9 seconds to complete back-to-back wins in the Handicap comp.

With this win and eight races left this season, Dr. Chitu looks to be making a late run on the prize. But with Mr. Oriss and Mr. Askew both scoring well again this week, we wait in excited anticipation to see if Dr. Chitu can close the gap yet further. Mr. Marriage's experiment with a borrowed speed weapon and with legs perhaps dulled from a week's climbing in the mountains on holiday saw him losing ground on the two leaders.

A rampaging Mr. Lawless was fastest on the night and fastest Vet (off Standard) too. Young Master Thomas was fastest Junior and performed valiantly but seemed to still be carrying the fatigue of Gritfest, so we'll forgive him a slower than usual time this week.

@Stuart F and I were ably assisted by Mr. Ayers (Sr) in a skeleton staff. Thanks to you!

We'll assess the full length of the gritted road for race-worthiness early next week, so please stay posted for updates on whether we can race on 10th July.

Race Result (CCA unless otherwise indicated):
1 %M. Lawless 23:19
2 G. Askew 23:53
3 S. Miles 24:38
4 T. Allen 25:01
5 *T. Chitu 25:21 (PB)
6 R. Bumstead 25:27
7 S. Douglas (Meridian Tri) 25:35
8 D. Marriage 26:22
9 S. Oriss 27:52
10 T. Lunnon (Meridian Tri) 28:19
11 T. Ayers (J) 29:56
* indicates Handicap race winner on the night.
% indicates fastest Vet off Standard.

Handicap Standings:
1 G. Askew 98
2 S. Oriss 91
3 D. Marriage 74
4 T. Chitu 64


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