CCA Hill Climb, Sun 20th Oct... ++++ Monday evening winter roller/turbo sessions ++++ CCA Kids' Muddy Monsters racing series... Ashwell races: Sat 9 Nov, Sat 7 Dec. All children welcome!

NOTE 9am on Sunday 7th is going out at 8am


  • Just checking this is for the normal Sunday club run? Curious about the change of time?
  • john
    doing the blue egg run want get there for opening time about 10 hence the early start.
    it gets silly busy if we get there late. jezz is leading the way.
  • John we will come past your house about 9 if you want to jump on then.
  • Ok, that works for me. I will be waiting in Brent Pelham around 0850.
  • Ok so this is not the 8.30 classic 120 miler but the club run starting at 8am instead of 9am.
    Will try to join you. Is plan for a 60 miler?
  • That’s about the long and short of it Vince
  • I'm heading to Plomsgate to watch the grass track, so was going via Blue Egg for fuel- ok if I join you? I'll also be at Brent Pelham by 8.50 (the junction by the church, I'm guessing). See you then...
  • Shd be there
  • Fill your boots. See you in am
  • cheers chaps....very much enjoyed that....7 out...once again top timing by CCA in getting to BlueEgg before the rush....official Ashwell to Ashwell stats = 71 miles at 18avg with 3833 ft climbing...strappy was flying
  • all
    thanks for a great ride thats got to be one of our best cafe routes .
    tad cool on the outbound run but the sun came out for coffee break.
    cheers phil thats big complement coming from you , felt strong there and back must have been
    the chocolate brownie.
    my stats finished on 87 @ 18.3 with 4445 ft climbing , did i do an extra hill ?.
    c u next week.
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