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URGENT Request for helpers for InterClub 25 on morning of 21st July

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Hi Folks,

As you may know, CCA is doing very well this season in the InterClub series and is currently leading the standings after two of the five rounds.

The next event is the CCA-organised Inter Club 25 on the morning of 21st July 2019 to be run on the F14/25 course Head-Quartered at Guilden Morden Village Hall. The route can be found here

As you will see, the course is based on the current "foot-down" evening 10 mile TT course, but with the start up towards the Wrestlingworth cross-roads and the finish where we currently start our club 10, but with an extension to the "out-leg" along New Road continuing through Wendy to turn left onto the A1198 for a short distance and then left again at the Wimpole roundabout to rejoin the 10 course. The riders do two laps [I appreciate that regular users of the B1042 will be howling that the road has recently been chipped/top dressed and is unsuitable for racing, but we're proceeding on the assumption that - given two weeks - the surface will be clear enough].

I now need to call in a few favours please to people this event.

While we check the Risk Assessment, it is my current understanding that we need a marshall on the junction with the A1198. We will also need two time keepers, and a team of pushers and spotters to assist the time keepers and one more on rereshments back in the Hall please. For example, at the finish, a spotter to help the time keeper on close finishes from two or more finishers, or where a finisher and a first-time-around rider go through at the same time; and a spotter at the start to warn of approaching cars and riders starting their second lap. There are currently 34 entrants, but we're expecting more: last year there were 77 riders, so two spotter/pushers at the start in addition to the time keeper would help to share the load.

So in summary we need:
Time Keeper 1
Time Keeper 2
Marshall 1
Spotter/Pusher 1
Spotter/Pusher 2
Spotter Finish 1
Refreshments Helper 1
I think all regular Inter Clubbers will agree that the running of the BRCC and HNCC events this year was to a very high standard indeed, so we will want to put on a good show for the other Clubs in the Inter Club competition as a matter of respect and to show CCA off in a good light.

Unfortunately, a number of my go-to helpers are unavilable. PLEASE HELP! I'd prefer not to have to pull CCA riders out of riding the event - thus threatening our points total in this event and our lead in this year's event - in order to help run the event. The Hall will be open from 08:00 for sign-on with the first rider off at 09:01. You should be able to get away by noon.

Please post up here or PM me to let me know of your availability.

Thank you.


  • I’ll help for this, happy to push off for a bit but will need to do a little warm up if I’m going to ride (very slowly) etc. Also happy to help serve/eat cake.
  • I Can help to push off, If I can ride at the end
  • UPDATE: As you may know, about 1.5 miles of the 25 mile course from the Wimpole roundabout, past the Toll Bar and on to about the Stables was top dressed last week. I've liaised with @JMac over the weekend and contacted Cambs Highways this morning.

    The general info from Cambs Highways is that they sweep loose chippings at 24 hours, 48 hours and 1 week and then again afterwards as necessary. I assume that the first two sweeps have been done, but if the one expected later this week doesn't clear the overtaking line sufficiently then we'll be asking the other Clubs to postpone.

    For now, however, I have to plan as if we're still ON. Apologies for the lack of certainty at this stage. Please contact me if you have any questions.
  • Any others willing to help? We need as much support as possible and to keep our momentum going.

    So if anyone can help out on a Sunday morning it would be so appreciated.
  • Am now entered let's get out as many possible riding and supporting as possible.
  • I am happy to help but would obviously prefer to race, but I will do what is needed.

    We will need some post race snacks too. I will bake some brownies. Got an ace recipe.

    We could have a post race chat tomorrow about helpers and what we will need to bring for the event to make it a success.
  • Thanks Graham,
    Yes agree we should have a chat tomorrow to look at numbers and how to coordinate. See you tomorrow.
  • I'll make some cakes and will likely be riding. Happy to help before and/or after if required
  • No probs ...... I can lend a hand .
    Dave N.
  • Thanks so much, David. Much appreciated.
  • Jon Bard and I will assistants
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