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*UPDATE* 10th July Wednesday Evening 10 TT - We're *ON*

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As our regular testers are probably now aware, about 1 mile of our regular TT course from the Toll Bar turn along the B1042 New Road past the Croydon Hill turn and as far as the Stables was top dressed last week. I've had a number of reports of riders using that road since of piles of loose chippings, particularly on the side of the road but also along the over-taking line between the "tram lines" created by compaction by passing vehicles' wheels.

I've contacted Cambs Highways this morning to discuss. The general info is that they sweep loose chippings at 24 hours, 48 hours and 1 week and then again afterwards as necessary. The top dressing was finished, I understand, on Thursday 4th July and I assume that the first two sweeps have been done. I'll go and take a look at the course either later today (Monday) or early tomorrow and decide whether we can run this week's event in advance of the "one week" sweep.

Meantime, please stay posted for updates.


  • Thanks Andy
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    I drove the course this morning and stopped 4 times along the way to check what I was seeing. What I was looking for was piles of loose stuff between the tram lines, i.e. the racing and overtaking lines and I saw nothing significant. There is a *little* bit of loose stuff to look out for between Toll bar and the Croydon turn but nothing significant. And I wasn't hearing any "pings" on the car bodywork from chippings thrown up by vehicles passing on the opposite carriageway. So the thing seems to have been swept recently. On balance, therefore, I say we GO!!!

    BUT PLEASE BE AWARE! The entry onto the carriageway at the Toll Bar does have some loose stuff at around the location of our "foot-down", so PLEASE take extra care approaching the stop at the T-junction. Once onto the carriageway, it looks OK to me. I can't upload my pic of the Toll Bar surface from work but I'll do that later today to show you.

    See you tomorrow! :-)
  • I’ll be there with Thomas so put me down as a helper
  • Thanks Mr. Ayers!
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    OK, so here is the surface at the Toll Bar turn, some loose stuff as you'll see. I'll take my broom tomorrow and do my best Trigger impression, but please do all take care on this corner - I know you will and do, but...
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    Thomas won’t be riding. I’m happy to still come over and help if you need me.
  • I think we have the numbers now Robert, so please feel free to sit this one out.
  • Thank you. If you do end up short then text me and I’ll pop over
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