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10th July Evening Club TT - Results and Handicap Standings; *NOW UPDATED WITH REPORT*

edited July 11 in Time Trial
With all the trials and tribulations of the resurfacing recently, having decided that the course was safe to use, it was a pleasure to simply set up and watch the race unfold. But would the approximately 2 miles of newly chipped tarmac slow our interpid gladiators? The answer is: it appears not!

In warm and increasingly still conditions, there were not one, or even two but - count them - five personal bests set amongst the nine CCA racers on the night, including all three leaders in our Handicap competition! So let us deal with that line first.

The consistently impressive Mr. Askew lopped a huge 29 seconds of his previous best, followed closely by Mr. Orriss with an equally spectacular 26 second overhauling of his last best time. Mr Marriage, this week restored to his regular road bike and bars, but sporting a new aero "lid", shaved 8 seconds off his personal best. But these three could only manage second, third and fourth to our Handicap winner on the night, Mr. Bard, who - newly restored to full CCA membership - took fully 42 seconds out of his 5th June time. That said, it is Mr. Askew who nudges those few points further ahead in our competition lead. Dr. Chitu scored points for helping out this week to stay in sight of our leaders and who receives our thanks for doing so along with our other helpers on the night, who were Mr. Allen and Ms. Wood.

The evening also saw a welcome return to Mr. Young who continued his astonishingly consistent run of low 22 minute rides; this one just 11 seconds off his best. However, he was bested on the night by Mr. Potter - our overall winner - who posted a time six seconds faster than his previous PB.

Mr. Miles looked good for his Season's best as fastest Vet off standard and only one second off his PB on this foot-down course set in August last year. And Ms. Koppe was fastest Lady on the night, and not far off her PB either!

So, was it the conditions, the riders' fitness or is the new surface a bit quick? Most complained that it was a bit buzzy and all was quiet once back on the smooth stuff after the stables. We shall have to see what the times look like in the forthcoming Inter Club 25 on Sunday 21st July.

Race Result (CCA unless indicated):
1 C. Potter 21:32 (PB)
2 M. Young 22:06
3 G. Askew 23:09 (PB)
4 S. Bradley (Team Trident PTT) 24:06
5 %S. Miles 24:15
6 S. Douglas (Meridian Tri PTT) 25:09
7 D. Marriage 25:19 (PB)
8 R. Bumstead 25:32
9 E. Koppe (F) 26:14
10 *J. Bard 26:54 (PB)
11 S. Orriss 27:15 (PB)
* indicates Handicap race winner on the night.
% indicates fastest Vet off Standard

Handicap standings:
1 G. Askew 114
2 S. Orriss 104
3 D. Marriage 84
4 T. Chitu 77
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