CCA Hill Climb, Sun 20th Oct... ++++ Monday evening winter roller/turbo sessions ++++ CCA Kids' Muddy Monsters racing series... Ashwell races: Sat 9 Nov, Sat 7 Dec. All children welcome!

Off Road Club Ride Sunday 14th July. Beginner/intermediate

I will be taking an off road ride out on Sunday. Watch this space for a map.

Will start at the 3 Tuns in Ashwell.


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    Hopefully this is a link to the ROUTE

    We will leave at 09:00 from the 3 Tuns.

    If you post here that you will be coming we will wait a while for you. See you Sunday!
  • I'll be there - in full club kit
  • Just three out this morning, Geoff, myself and Ben. Geoff looking great in brand new CCA kit. It did rain last night and the ground was a bit muddy. A seemingly innocuous looking bit of ground took Geoff down though before we reached Baldock. Ben and I, trailing a bit, were grateful for the warning. Despite getting his new jersey muddy Geoff seemed okay and we carried on round Letchworth to go up the Pegsdon Hills (lovely views).

    There were a couple of GORDs (Geoff Off Road Detors) but these always enhance a route. I hope Mark will be pleased that two sections of byeway were unknown to Geoff. Ben peeled off to get home for lunch just outside Hitchin and Geoff and pushed on to get a bit lost and sadly pick up a puncture. We parted a but further on with Geoff’s tyre bleeding sealant and I regret to say his crash had drawn actual blood (non on his kit though).
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