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GR2 - G Ride 2, August 4th

After sitting on the fence I have decided I will coordinate an off road ride using the G Ride route (special permission granted by Mark Wyer). Minor differences will be:
- a pause in Letchworth to pick up any visiting Hampshire riders,
- lunch from a car boot somewhere so we don't overwhelm a cafe,
- any bike suitable of covering the byeways of Hertfordshire.

More details to follow, but I think it was 80 miles, so it will take most of the day.

I appreciate Green Arrow are promoting their Grass Track at Hertford this day. I have diary conflicts I am afraid...

Who's in?


  • Just bringing this to the top.

    I will do this ride, but if there are only a few of us then there is no need for the car with a boot full of lunch, we can just stop at a cafe.

    I'll post a link to the route next week.

    So far Geoff might be available and Mark W is also. Let me know (below) if you are planning on coming.
  • Here's a link to the GPX file for the route. About 90 miles. I have cut out the first part to Letchworth making a bee line for Luffenhall. ROUTE
  • Looking forward to it
  • Two of us, Geoff and myself, re-did the G Ride route today. We both did the full fat version, including the extra loop from Dunton. I started from Letchworth calling in on Ashwell, before picking up Geoff at Luffenhall. He then did the Letchworth to Luffenhall section after I retired back at Letchworth. 90 miles of mixed surface terrain on the clock.

    This is such a good route and delightful on what was a lovely day. Late summer views of the fields ready to harvest. The cafe at Puckeridge was on great form and even provided tea brewed from loose leaves - lovely.

    I saw James Davis in Ashwell at the start and then again in Baldock at the end - so a Double Davis Day. In fact it was really a triple as Svetlana was there, and if dogs have surnames, a quadruple. Dog Davis is a beagle and, whilst not exactly straining at lease to sniff out the scent of aniseed trails, (actually standing still looking bored) I think could be trained as a fell hound. I recommended that James get the animal in shape for Ambleside 2020.

    @Sue Lawrence - I think we have found ‘CCA Dog’!
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