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17th July Evening Club TT - Request for helpers

Hi Folks,
We have precisely no, nul, zip helpers on the Doodle poll for tomorrow's race. Please post up or update your availability to help out ASAP. Thanks.


  • We're planning be there, so I'm available to help
  • I'll come and help.
  • I can help if you still need helpers?
  • I can be there as well. I will arrive "from across the fields" by bike so best not post me on some corner at the far end of the course!
  • Yep I can help though would like to ride as a warm up for Sundays inter club.
  • Thanks All,
    Can I ask that Mr. Hadlsey, Mr. Doncaster and Mr. Ayers help out tomorrow please? Stuart F is bike fettling for the 24 hour assault, but we should be grand with 4.
    So, Emma, Al, thanks, but I'd prefer it if you both ride to get a feel for the chipped section - a bit buzzy apparently, and you'll be doing it twice on Sunday! :-)
    If Mr. Bumstead holds the fort while I'm putting out signs, if you fine gentlemen helpers could be at the Village Hall at 6.30 p.m., that would be great.
  • Yup, I will be there for as close to 18:30 as I can. Agree, riders should be riding. See you there Andy.
  • Andy I rode the chipped section in last week's TT - sapped all my power, another go at it won't make a difference! I'm not riding tomorrow regardless as I'm tapering and have a broken wheel - to be honest I might not have it fixed by Sunday! Therefore I can help if you need me otherwise I won't come up.
  • Andy, I'm available to help if required.
  • Thanks Steve, Oh! You've reminded me that you offered last week, but I forgot. :-) But with these sterling characters already committed, take this week to fine tune your effort for the Inter Club at the weekend instead :-). Cheers.
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