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Chaingang - Tues 20 August 2019, 7.30pm

Chaingang reminder...

This is my last one of the summer - as I can't make next week. They've been great this summer and often really well attended. I know a lot of people are on hols now, but hopefully we can get enough out.

Here's to a good two laps in warm, sunny and lightish westerly winds. I hope to see you at Steeple Morden.


CC Ashwell chaingang...

7.30pm - Depart Ashwell, Three Tuns at easy pace.
7.35pm - Meet up with those waiting at Steeple Morden pub/church and begin the first chaingang lap.

Each lap is 9 miles.

Feeling the burn? Before you blow up, sit out your place in the chain and simply hang on at the back saying 'Last!' so the gang knows to miss you out. Enjoy the free speed from the group draft effect and rejoin the chain with clear communication once/if you have your breath back.

Aim for smoothness: the fast line is only fractionally faster (1mph) than the resting line, don't spring out of corners, don't overlap wheels, be super alert at all times and call out every hazard and manoeuvre.

Everyone welcome: CCA members or not.

If you want in on the Chaingang WhatsApp group for the very latest updates on the evening: text me. thanks.
Martin 07977652247

The lap:

Why chaingang?
- Brilliant way to develop your cycling fitness.
- Great way to hone your group riding skills and confidence.
- Perfect introduction to road racing and development of your road racing skills.
- Great way to keep your legs tuned after Monday's grass track session, and to prime them for the next day's Club 10TT ;-)
- A nice way to meet riders you might not ordinarily ride with.
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