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Italy was hard glorious unique great cycling but expensive.
This is not a criticism but it's not everyone who can afford £2k+ for 6 days cycling in the sun however wonderful.
I have been thinking back to when we first started the club and how we made affordable trips to France via ferry.
We are an inclusive club and I remember when we took some of the youth riders for their first experience of cycling in France and a genuine 3 course French meal.
I have plotted a potential 6 day route starting at Calais and returning from Abbeiville to Boulogne. It;s a short ride the next day either to Calais or Hooke to get home (whichever suits).
How one gets to Calais and back from either Dover or Harwich is open to riders.
We will still have overnight expenses and meals to pay for but I reckon we should be able to do it for far less per person.
We will need someone in a car to transport the bags from England and to each overnight accommodation but otherwise its all cycling and no van taking bikes.
If anyone is interested I am planning to do this anyway and will research the overnight accommodation stops.
As for sustenance on the ride we should use local cafes.
Anyone interested in riding or helping would be welcome.
I just think that there might be quite a few club members who would welcome the opportunity to share in such a ride in a more affordable way.
I don't expect there to be anywhere near the climbing we did in Paris/Nice so this would be a more sociable ride than challenging.
Those interested please tag their names and thoughts on this thread.


  • It occurs to me that September might conflict with a probable trip to Belgium which is a club favourite.
    I am happy to look at an earlier date or try for a spring ride in 2021. It's totally flexible at this juncture. Just testing the water for now as to whether or not the idea has legs.
  • Hi Geoff, I think a Belgium trip for Sept 2020 has been talked about, so would coincide with this.
  • Thanks Geoff, but i will be doing the Étape and if anything maybe Belgium. But good idea just a no from me i'm afraid.
  • Cheers Guys. Okay, so here is my suggested outline for 6 days in France. 574 miles and 26000ft climbing averaging 96 miles per day but no serious mountains.
    Lots of Canal and river valley and forest cycling.
    Dover/Calais out Dieppe/Newhaven return.
    Ferries about £80 total with bicycle.
    We'll need to cover accompanying car and overnight acc. for driver.
    Trains go to Dover from St Pancras and From Newhaven to Victoria.
    Overnight at the locations listed in the Title.

    Not too fussed when but definitely not to clash with Belgium if that is on.

    1st stop at 35 miles from Calais is Mont Cassell a favourite of ours.

  • Sounds good Geoff and agree with the principle. Good breakfast few things in the pocket and a cafe is sufficient. Subject to confirmation of dates I am ok to go 👍
  • cheers Keith. Let's see if there are a few more takers in principle and then I'll look in detail at stops and costings and dates.
  • Have done a little internet searching and if we aren't too fussy and share it looks like a twin bed room costs from £20 to £30 per person per night. For snorers or those not wanting to share it will be more expensive, about double the shared room costs. Cafes and evening meals probably £35 to £40 per person daily. Ferry costs with cycle about £80 to Calais and from Dieppe. Accompanying car both ways on ferry including fuel and accommodation for driver about £500.
    So individual costs ferry/hotels/food about £500 for 6 days
    If 10 people go then about £550 to £600 per person so £100 a day all in. Transport to and from Dover Newhaven up to individuals.
    Without a agreed date or a trip across to sort detail of hotels and transportation this is the best approximate costing I can give you but should help if thinking about it.
  • Alternative route . 580 miles and 23000ft climbing so also not too stressful on the legs. Newhaven/Dieppe ferry out and Caen/Portsmouth ferry return. 6 days cycling through Versailles and on to Normandy.
  • Bringing back to top in case anyone interested. Drop me a line if you think this has legs.
    Your interest noted Keith.
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