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ROLL(ers) UP, ROLL(ers) UP - Every Monday - Finished

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As per the last couple of winters, a Monday evening roller / turbo session will be taking place at the URC hall, Ashwell - 8:30pm - 9:30pm.... let me know if there is a preference to adjust this slightly to best accommodate everyone... 8:00 or 8:15 start??

I have managed to find a new and interesting source of videos to freshen things up!.. PainCave... sounds a little intimidating!...

The perfect way to keep moving this winter and great training for CX'ers, winter crit racers and generally those looking to make themselves all sweaty on a winters' evening.

£2 a go.. Just bring your bike and rollers (or turbo). A bottle of water and a towel is advisable.

I wont be able to commit to supporting these each and every week due to personal commitments, so a team of volunteers that are happy to open up, set up and lock up would be appreciated...


  • Hi Matt - at last the cycling season proper begins soon!

    I say keep it 8.30-9.30pm as per previous years...

    I too have unearthed a few new sufferfest-like videos to train to. I will bring them down.

    I'm happy to be on the opening-up support team.

    All... consider these sessions as something to do. Virtual training is great: but the social/realtime experience has something unique to offer. These sessions have certainly helped me enjoy my winter training the last few years. They've also introduced me to rollers - which is a fun skill. But there are turbos on show too. There's usually a quick drink and chat on in the pub after.
  • I'm in, as you know time keeping isn't my thing but can i open up as and when needed to help keep things running
  • I'm in. Jess and MC too. Recon Paul's also. It's going to be fun.
  • Dug out the rollers and looking forward to it.
    FYI where is the URC church?

  • Nice one MC.
    The Ashwell URC hall is on the High Street in Ashwell. It's fairly easy to park in front of the church, near Hodwell or The Three Tuns - and walk through the graveyard.

  • Cheers Martin ;-)
    After Italy I need to get my Winter trianing schedule back on track ready for November. (October is my rest month ish).

  • I’m in. 8:30 please
  • Will be there to open up around 8:20 ready to roll at 8:30. Hopefully TV works after summer holiday!
  • Cool.
    I'm still in
  • Thanks for organising - great stuff - enjoyed that gents!

  • Sorry I couldn’t make it. Left work too late and had stuff to do at home.
    Next week have to attend a parish council meeting so may or may not make it pending when they get onto landing applications.
  • Vince, you're like an abacus without any beads!
  • made me chuckle Matt. Wonderful analogy
  • 7-8 out on the first Roller Turbo session of the 'winter'. A good workout to an interval session based on the video of the 2013 US Pro Challenge race, won by a boyish Peter Sagan.

    8.30-9.30pm, every Monday at the Ashwell URC hall, that's in between the Three Tuns and Rhubarb & Mustard. £2 each covers the village hall hire. See ya there.

  • Don't forget... Monday is Disco night at the URC, Ashwell.

    Rollers, Turbo, Unicycle around the hall, whatever goes. 8:30... £2
  • Thanks Matt - bike and rollers ready this week, see you later

  • I am up to owing £6 guys.
    Just put this down ;-)

  • No sweat, it's on the slate MC
  • See you later Matt - looks like Mr @Vincent F will be coming down too ;-)

  • Penultimate rollers of the year tomorrow. Buy yourself some mince pie credits and get on it.

    Christmas dance choons Mr L?
  • This Monday.. final session of the year. Let's do a 45 min session and head for a festive Egg Nog straight after.

    Hopefully not 20 sprint reps this time!...
  • Your pre season training starts here.... Monday 6th, 8:30 URC hall, Ashwell.

    Let's shake off that tin of shortbread Auntie Jane bought you and get ready for a year of cycling.

    Bring your bike, your new set of rollers or turbo that 🎅 brought you and £2 for the privilege!
  • Yep - see you for all the remaining Monday winter roller sessions. They definitely help to keep form going over winter, and I definitely work harder when among others in the real world. Recommended.
  • Game on again tomorrow...

    Will bring a new video for our pleasure...

    Don't forget your wheels.
  • **Tonight's session at the hall is Cancelled**
  • No rollers tonight, see u next week
  • Rollerz tommoz. Spin those legs out from this weekend's riding. Aussie chain gang or similar.

    8:30 start URC hall, Ashwell. Bike, Rollers, Turbo, £2 or £1 per litre of sweat. Bargain
  • Only 4 weeks left to experience the ultimate indoor riding to random dance music...

    Rollers mate!
  • Evenings will probably be my new working day from next week whilst trying to homeschool kids!... Therefore I have told the URC that we will not be running any further sessions until later in the year.

    Keeeeep riding!
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