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0800 Saturday 4th Jan

Happy New Year all.

Just wondering if anyone is out tomorrow morning?

Weather looks dry, but cold with wind from the West.

Don't mind on or off road, let me know your preference, so we know what bike to bring

Suggest road route to Marston Country Park, cafe there , but never tried it.

Off road route, will have a think.


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    Hi Martin .....HNY and all that....

    I’m good for tmrw.....can we do mtb (bit of training for next Sunday’s race....) and can we start at 9am.....I’ll put together an off road route.....

  • Sold, 0900 and MTB it is.

    See you in the morning.
  • Would like a gentle off road ride but probably need to drop Ella off first thing. Will confirm if I can make it. Otherwise it's a swift morning for me.
  • 2 and martin....38 miles...out via Baldock, stotfold, Langford, Jordans, shuttleworth college, warden street, cople, budna, beeston, stratford road, b/wade, sunderland hall fm, millow fm, northfields…...3hrs and 5 mins.....very muddy....but good fun....
  • Excellent fun, I am gradually raising the level of my lawn with all the mud I keep bringing back!

    I was not on my A game so it was tough to hang on your wheel. Didn’t really aid the freshness in my legs for the cross race today. Probably won’t be out Saturday because of Sundays MTB race.

    Great route though on some tracks I had not ridden before.
  • Phil, any chance you can share the route if you have a gpx file?
  • Cheers guys
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